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Woman Discovers Stalker Has Been Creeping Down From Her Attic to Film Her While She Slept

Woman Discovers Stalker Has Been Creeping Down From Her Attic to Film Her While She Slept

Authorities have said the man had been stalking his victim for days

A stalker hid in a woman’s attic and would creep out at night to film her while she slept, police have said. 

Authorities have said Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, 20, had been stalking his victim for days after meeting her on OnlyFans

On 9 February, police were called to the woman’s New Hampshire home after tenants reported hearing strange noises coming from the attic. 

Once at the property, police were told a woman who lived there had woken up earlier and found someone standing in the doorway, Oxygen reports.

The cops did a search of the attic, where they heard the sound of footsteps, but didn’t find anyone. 

However, upon leaving the property, police saw a man - who was later identified as Damian-Guerrero - standing on the roof.

Somersworth police department

During an inspection of the attic, cops discovered various items including AirPods, food and a cup he had been using to urinate in. 

Investigators also found a number of videos on his phone that he had recorded while the woman was asleep. 

Damian-Guerrero was arrested and has since been charged with four counts of burglary. 

When questioned by police, he claimed he had permission to enter her home and that he was retrieving a television and fireplace he’d bought for her. 

He claimed the woman had invited him over to her house before the night he was arrested and that she had told him ‘she wanted a man to be obsessed with her and stalk her’. 

The woman told cops that days before the incident, her house keys had vanished before mysteriously reappearing and that doors and windows had been left open. She also said her housemate had complained that something felt ‘off’. 

Police believe Damian-Guerrero used a crowbar to enter the property before snatching the woman’s keys and getting his own set made. 

The man had been hiding out in the attic. Stock image.

A search of Damian-Guerrero’s truck revealed a crowbar, photos of the woman and a pair of her underpants. 

Deputy Strafford County Attorney Emily Garod told WMUR: “He was released with pretty strict bail conditions.

“But it is an ongoing concern of ours, the safety of the victim during the pendency of this case, so that is why we asked for him to be held pending trial.”

It appears as if this woman had a lucky escape as in many cases, stalkers can quickly become dangerous and life-threatening situations can soon follow.

In July 2021, Erin Rohan Justin, 18, was shot dead by Rob Majury, a retired police officer, when he arrived at their house armed with a gun in Naples, Florida, searching for Majury's daughter - social media star Ava Majury.

Majury defended his actions for shooting and killing his daughter's stalker and told ABC: "There was no second guessing, there was no time to rethink my actions.

"I reacted. I acted as best as I could under the duress and stress I was put under."

"Someone came to kill me. I had to do what I had to do to protect my family and I made sure of it."

Featured Image Credit: Somersworth Police Department/Alamy

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