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Bodybuilder explains what steroids does to your penis

Bodybuilder explains what steroids does to your penis

American bodybuilder Phil Heath has revealed the effect taking steroids has on the penis.

American bodybuilder Phil Heath has revealed the effect taking steroids has on the penis.

Multiple celebrities have admitted to steroid use over the years in a bid to boost their strength and add muscle, from Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. 'The Rock' and more recently, influencer and fitness coach Brian Johnson, known as 'The Liver King'.

However, steroids can result in negative side effects, with one bodybuilder having taken to TikTok to open up about his steroid-use leading him to develop 'boobs'.

But what happens to other areas of your body when you take steroids? And what about one particular area in the nether regions?

Phil Heath has revealed what happens to the penis when someone takes steroids.
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Sitting down with former NFL Stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark on The Pivot Podcast, Phil Heath - an American International Fitness and Body Building Federation (IFBB) professional bodybuilder and seven-time Mr Olympia winner - was asked by Taylor about the 'myth' surrounding bodybuilders, steroids and testosterone treatments.

"Put this to rest for me, does it shrivel up your man? [...] The women want to know. I don't care," Taylor says.

Heath responds: "So here's the deal with that. You're so damn dehydrated, things do happen. But here's the thing, two nights after, you know? You're back right. It's just the way it is.

Heath revealed 'things do happen'.
The Pivot Podcast/ YouTube

Heath notes he loves comedy and his 'a** would sit upfront and you know they gonna make fun of it'.

He continues: "First of all, 32-inch thighs, don't matter how big your s**t is, when you got big a** quads, it's gonna look different.

"Why are you so concerned with it is my question and that's always been my biggest thing because I didn't grow up as a bodybuilder so I'm always like, 'Why are you all so concerned with someone's d**k?' I don't ever understand that.

"You just want to poke fun at another but he got a girl and she ain't leaving and they got kids so you know you've been hitting it more than once and she likes it, so why don't you ask her? So you ain't asking her the right questions, screw what I say."

Elsewhere on the podcast, Heath opened up about personal loss and overcoming mental health struggles.

Viewers of the podcast episode have since flooded to the post in praise of the show.

One wrote: "The level of honesty and emotional vulnerability you guys allow to flow naturally is a testament to the caliber of people you are. Another great show."

"Phil just broke another boundary for body builders !! Thanks to the pivot podcast y’all boys solid man keep inspiring keep pushing most importantly keep loving one another," another said.

A third commented: "Bro, Phil Heath is a big dude, but he's also a humble and down to Earth dude. Another great episode fellas."

Featured Image Credit: Action Plus Sports Images / ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy

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