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Steve Irwin's cameraman claims wildlife legend had a 'premonition' about his own death

Steve Irwin's cameraman claims wildlife legend had a 'premonition' about his own death

The wildlife legend was acting bizarrely while filming his final documentary.

Beloved wildlife conservationist and TV presenter Steve Irwin infamously died following a stingray attack - and now his cameraman claims the Crocodile Hunter had a 'premonition' about the tragedy.

You can watch Irwin's first grandchild Grace heartbreakingly recognise a picture of 'Grandpa Crocodile' below:

Cameraman Justin Lyons now claims Irwin, who was 44 at the time of his death in 2006, had a premonition about meeting his end.

Lyons worked with the Crocodile Hunter for over a decade, and he filmed his very first documentary back in 1996 and was with the conservationist at his death.

Lyons told Daily Mail Australia: "Steve always had a sixth sense about so many things and I think he had a premonition about his death.

Irwin never wanted to get killed by a crocodile.
Alamy / Everett Collection Inc

"On that final doco, I've looked back, and there were signs there that were confronting and troubling."

The cameraman explained that Irwin's rise to fame changed him and left him ultimately feeling like a 'loner' with few people who he could trust.

But what he didn't realise until after his death was that he appeared to predict it in the haunting footage from his final documentary, where he was acting very out of character.

The Crocodile Hunter allegedly struggled with fame.
Alamy / Allstar Picture Library

Lyons explained that Irwin suddenly got emotional after releasing a crocodile.

"He made a speech after releasing a crocodile and went around to each person, all 12 of us, and thanked everyone individually for their contribution," the cameraman remembered. "He got all teary and moved on to the next person.

"He got to me and said: 'Justin, you can get f***ed!' We all laughed but thought we'd never see that again."

Lyons explained that Irwin was a real 'alpha male' which made this display of emotion particularly unusual and added that it was the reason that he put so much pressure on himself at work.

"He would go and wouldn't sleep, go, go, go, like there was no tomorrow, then he'd crash," he said.

Irwin was an alpha male.
Alamy / Maximum Film

Apparently, this wasn't the only time that Irwin suddenly got emotional during the filming of his final documentary.

"A few days before he died, we helped load the family into a seaplane. Steve stood on the roof of his car and waved to them until the plane disappeared. I've never seen him do that before," Lyons said.

But perhaps most disturbingly of all, Lyons claims Irwin put his cameraman's life in danger the day before his death.

He remembered: "Then the day before he died we filmed with this massive sea snake. When he let it go he pushed it on top of me. I had to dive underwater to get away from it. It would've killed me.

"I've never seen him do something so reckless. I shouted at him, he was laughing. He wasn't quite right. There was something else going on.

"We knew the fame had worn him down, his shows weren't that popular any more. He wasn't in a good head space, it all led to this point. Was he being more reckless swimming over this stingray?"

While Irwin was ultimately killed by a stingray, Lyons revealed for the first time that Irwin once had a very close call with a snake prior to this.

Irwin was lucky to survive the encounter and his team were sworn to secrecy.

Irwin had a close call with a snake, but his team were sworn to secrecy.
Alamy / PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive

This is because Irwin wanted to keep his reputation intact, fearing that if he was killed by a crocodile or a snake everyone would have said they saw it coming.

Lyons said of Irwin being bitten by the highly venomous black mamba: "He couldn't let anyone know he was bitten and nearly died.

"The one thing he didn't want was to be killed by a croc or snake because people would say 'of course'."

Featured Image Credit: Allstar Picture Library Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo/Shutterstock

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