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Holidaymakers branded 'sad' as they race through hotel doors after they're opened in fight for sunbeds

Holidaymakers branded 'sad' as they race through hotel doors after they're opened in fight for sunbeds

Holidaymakers rushing to get their sunbeds have gone viral on TikTok, with many branding them 'sad' and 'embarrassing'

Holidaymakers at an unknown hotel have been branded as ‘sad’ after they were filmed rushing out through the doors to the pool area in order to bag the best spot to sunbathe for the day.

It’s a long-understood fact that the battle for the best seat in the sun is real.

Every year we see stories about people arguing over sunbeds, arguing about the etiquette of sunbeds, and criticising others for their approach to getting a sunbed.

Hell, they’re not even that comfortable, get over it.

Still, bagging your best spot in the sun seems to be make or break for some people's holiday, meaning they’ll get out of their bed at the crack of dawn to wait for the doors to the pool area of their hotel to be unlocked, before racing out to get their towel plonked down like the first flag on some newly-discovered landmass.

No sooner have the doors opened, the sunbed seekers are off.

For the most part, everyone else would probably rather just go to the beach, or stay in bed for a bit longer, but everyone’s holiday is different, right?

In these videos, we can see people – not judging but they look very British – queuing up to get out of the doors, before the race commences.

One can only imagine the kind of spot-chaser you’d have to be to get involved with these experts.

Anyway, most people who have seen the video - posted by @jordanmccartney7 on TikTok - have branded the early birds claiming their territory ‘sad’.

One person wrote: “How on earth is that an enjoyable holiday?”

It’s a good question – most people go on holiday not to rush about or have to compete with others.

“The saddest people you could meet,” commented another.

“Let’s go on holiday and stress out about sunbeds,” said a third.

In fact, many resorts now have rules regarding when you can leave towels down to claim a sunbed, as well as rules about how long you can leave them unattended.

In this case, we can see that the doors remain locked until the very last moment, meaning that there’s a frenzy to grab the best spot.

The race is on, first thing every morning.

“Would sooner get up, have breakfast and go out for the day exploring the country you are visiting,” someone else commented.

Well, as we’ve covered – everyone’s holiday is different.

“If that’s going [on] holiday I’ll leave it thank you,” said another.

Perhaps let’s not give up on the whole concept straight away just because of this, there are other options available.

Just remember, sometimes there’s more to a holiday than a sunbed.

Although, getting the right one seems to be very important to some.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jordanmccartney7

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