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Bloke dubbed ‘king of the sunbed hoggers’ as tourists are filmed causing ‘absolute carnage’ over beds

Bloke dubbed ‘king of the sunbed hoggers’ as tourists are filmed causing ‘absolute carnage’ over beds

The 'king of the sunbed hoggers' has gone viral on TikTok

A random bloke has been dubbed the ‘king of the sunbed hoggers’ after 'sunbed wars' cause ‘absolute carnage’ on holiday.

There's nothing quite like the poolside all-inclusive rush in the early hours of the morning, as holiday-goers do whatever it takes to get a good pitch by the water.

Hotel guest Jess Clarke was responsible for filming the incredible viral scenes of a man in a yellow t-shirt sprinting for the sun loungers in the most dramatic way possible.

A random bloke has been dubbed the ‘king of the sunbed hoggers’ after causing ‘absolute carnage’ on holiday.

Taking to TikTok, Jess recorded a series of videos, titled: "sunbed wars," and one dude, who was reminiscent of Maximus Decimus Meridius, has quite clearly stolen the show.

"DAY 3 sunbed wars… the guy in yellow I cannot breathe," she wrote in the caption for the clip, which was posted in August 2022.

While filming from her lovely balcony view of the tropical pool, a crowd of people emerged from the corner of the screen.

As people were dropping their towels left, right and centre, one Gladiator in a yellow top emerged from the crowd after taking a shortcut around a row of loungers on the side.

After spotting an empty row of sunbeds, the man suddenly dropped five towels on five neighbouring chairs at absolute lightning speed.

Check out yellow-top dude absolutely going for it.

While more and more people crowded the area, the 'king of the sunbed hoggers' simply sat back, all relaxed, and watched the havoc take place.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Viewers have been left in hysterics, with one person commenting: "guy in yellow put in a proper shift."

Another added: "Literally no need there are 4 different pool and can quiet easily get a sun bed."

"I've never seen sunbed wars that bad," a third said, while a fourth pointed out: "9am sunbed wars paradise park Tenerife what a sight."

Well it's safe to say that this happens at pretty much any resort across the globe and a Tenerife holidaymaker named Thomas Clifford managed to capture an early morning rush to get a lounger, with hotel guests calmly queuing up - at 7.47am, no less - before running over to claim their bed.

Posting the clip on TikTok, Clifford wrote: “Sunbed Wars. My wife told me that everyone races each morning to get sunbeds, I didn’t believe her!”

Holidaymakers began scrambling to get a precious lounger.

He added: “Haha, I couldn’t believe it! People were sniping by throwing their towels off the top of the stairs.”

However, fellow TikTok users were left unimpressed by the display, with one person writing: “Which hotel is this? Need to avoid. Can’t be doing with that nonsense.”

Another said: “OMG! Hideous.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_jessicamai

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