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Survivor Australia ‘hero’ hits back after her Instagram account shows brutal hunting photos

Survivor Australia ‘hero’ hits back after her Instagram account shows brutal hunting photos

Paige Donald now being branded as a real life villain after images of her slaughter were revealed.

Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains contestant Page Donald is at the centre of a social media firestorm after her love of trophy hunting was discovered.

The 26-year-old reality TV contestant has documented many of her kills and her Instagram account acts as a gruesome gallery of animal slaughter.

In the images, she can be seen beaming over native and wild animals in Australia and on safari in Africa.

Photos include her posing with the ruined bodies of wild pigs, kangaroos, dingoes, antelope, and warthogs.

Additionally, her grisly photo collection also shows off her love for rodeo riding, specifically bronc riding, which is widely considered to be a sport that glorifies animal cruelty as entertainment.

As a result, livid Survivor fans flooded both Donald's social media account and Channel 10's, calling for answers.

One user said: "Not Farmer Paige being a proud hunter, posting pictures of her fresh bloody kills of boars on her socials," one Twitter user wrote. "No wonder @Survivor_AU hasn’t tagged her account in any of their posts. Can someone explain why she’s on the heroes tribe?"

A second added: "This doesn’t look like 'hero' behaviour to me. How absolutely disgusting."


A third added: “Can Paige Donald be terminated from the show ASAP? This is a disgrace. Does Channel 10 do any research on the show’s contestants? Shame on Survivor Australia."

Fans of the show were alerted to Donald's images when animal activist and fellow Survivor contestant Rogue Rubin exposed her Instagram account.

On Rogue’s social media she also lashed out at ‘Famer Paige’, sharing a simple note on her Instagram stories: "No 'hero' kills for pleasure.”

In turn, Donald took to her own social media accounts to address the massive backlash she has copped.

She attempted to pass of her hunting trips as killing animals ‘that are sick and need to be shot’, adding: "I get rewarded with a bounty for each dingo that I get.”

As for her African safari, the controversial reality star revealed she went 10 years ago.

She then doubled down, adding: "You can be damn sure I'll be going back one day."

The RSPCA condemns pig hunting and hunting with dogs, as Donald does.

"Hunting of pigs with dogs is inherently cruel and unnecessary,” the animal welfare group said as per a fact sheet.

"Although pig hunters vehemently defend their sport and would like the public to believe that their dogs do not maul or attack pigs and their dogs do not get injured (they claim that the protective chest plates and collars prevent this), there is plenty of video, photographic and direct evidence that reveals the true nature of pig hunting.”

LADbible has reached out to Channel 10 for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 10. cowgirl_paige/Instagram.

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