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Tattoo Artist Recalls Worst Ever Client Who Was Hiding A Nasty Surprise

Tattoo Artist Recalls Worst Ever Client Who Was Hiding A Nasty Surprise

People were left horrified by his revelation

A tattoo artist has taken to TikTok to reveal his worst customer and let me warn you, it’s pretty bloody unpleasant. You can see him talk about the situation here: 

US tattooist Crocodile Jackson, who posts under @crocodile.jackson on TikTok, posting the clip which has since had more than 10 million views. That’s 10 million people who cannot unhear the things he revealed. 

In the clip, he explains: “So, whenever I was an apprentice, my mentor would give me any tattoo that he didn’t want to do.”

He then says the client in question was a ‘kid with the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen’ - including the date of Abraham Lincoln’s death tattooed on his face. 

The client wants to make a sweet declaration of love to his girlfriend Megan, opting to have her name tattooed on his bum cheek - because nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like an a**e-tat. 


Crocodile goes on: “So, I go in and I get about half way through the name Megan on his left ham, I get a good stretch because I have to pull this line and I’m nervous. 

“And out of the corner of my eye I see, not just a little bit of poop - but, like, full on mud bud coming out of his crack.

“Rightfully so, I’m upset and his excuse was that he just got off work and he came straight to the tattoo shop.

“I don’t know about y’all, but there’s not a time in the day that I stop wiping just to get a tattoo.”

Yeah, fair point, well made. 

As you can imagine, the grim reveal has attracted plenty of attention online, with one commenter writing: “It’s not hard to wipe. Omfg. Some people nasty af.”

No one is ever too busy to wipe.

Another said: “I wouldn't have finished his tattoo. Period.”

A third wrote: “Please tell me you didn't finish the tat.”

While someone else joked: “And hope was filled in the hearts of every high school student when they heard this guy has a gf.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Crocodile said the nasty encounter had not put him off tattooing client’s butts, if that’s what they wanted but said he does now implement a ‘no wiping fee’ - I don’t know what he’s set that fee at, but I already know it’s not enough.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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