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YouTube, Gmail And Other Google Services Are Down

YouTube, Gmail And Other Google Services Are Down

Users started reporting issues this morning

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Some of Google's most popular services are down this morning, including Gmail and YouTube.

As per DownDetector, issues began at 11.56GMT, with users reporting problems globally.

The site says that 81 percent of those who reported an issue with email host Gmail said they couldn't log in.

Of course, as always, people flocked to Twitter to ask if everyone else is in the same boat, and it was a resounding yes.


If you've been anywhere near Twitter this morning, there are more than 750,000 tweets from users asking the huge services what is going on. Google alone processes 3.5 billion searches per day, so it's not surprising people are missing it.

Social media users have reported other issues, including using Google Maps for directions, then suddenly being thrown off the route.

It's not the first time in recent weeks that we've experienced our trusty apps give up on us briefly.

Just a few days ago, Facebook Messenger went down across much of Europe, leaving millions of users unable to send messages.

Obviously, people been turned to the other social media platforms that are still working to complain about the problems.

One person on Twitter asked: "Is Facebook Messenger down? I cannot send and receive messages!"

Another said: "Either Facebook messenger is down on my phone or my wifi is extremely poor this morn. Let me text my friends back!"

A third wrote: "Yeah so Facebook messenger be down or I'm really trippin."

Antony Edwards, COO of Eggplant, intelligent testing and monitoring company puts it down to increased demand due to changing work patterns.

He said: "Work patterns have changed massively over the year and this is putting new demands and strains on infrastructure.

"Network operators are at the centre of this and overall have done an amazing job of keeping people connected and dealing with the increased demand, but today's Google Drive outage highlights just how difficult this is - even the biggest tech companies in the world are struggling to get this right."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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