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Man who wore Apple Vision Pro on plane breaks down what happened when he used it

Man who wore Apple Vision Pro on plane breaks down what happened when he used it

He has quite the wish list for improvements to the tech

The new Apple Vision Pro seem to have caused quite the divide with tech fans as the headsets have been released over in the US.

From the viral video of a lad on the subway to people wearing them while walking down the street, with a $3,500 (£2,780) price tag it’s unlikely we’ll all get to experience them in everyday life.

But luckily for us, a man who wore his new Apple Vision Pro during a flight broke down just what it was like to use.

Amit Gupta bought the ‘spatial computer’ and took it on his five-hour flight to both work and watch a film at the same time.

He documented the experience on X with a video and explained what it was like to be ‘that guy’.

Gupta sat on the plane with a ‘giant monitor in front of him’ while ‘watching a movie overhead’, which he said he ‘loves’.

The bloke sat with his MacBook on his lap, mostly closed while he used the keyboard and drinks on the tray table, feeling ‘less crowded’.

He noted that it’s ‘nice to have this private screen’ with ‘no one peeking’.

Noting that the Disney film was blocked from the screen recording, he added: “Mirrored display looks a LOT bigger in actual use than in this video. It's a big laggy.”

Although it seemed to work out and despite his seat mate saying it was ‘cool’ and ‘no one else has said anything or appeared to notice’, it got a little bit much.

He played a film overhead while working on a screen.

Gupta said that the headset is ‘still too heavy and feels tight’ and actually feels most comfortable when ‘laying down’.

He also added: “neat hack: you can plug your battery pack into your MacBook via USB-C for extended battery life. your MacBook has a big beefy battery, and your screen is off when you're mirroring, so this actually works quite well.

“When your seat mate needs to get up to go to the bathroom, you have AirPods and goggles and cables and laptop to deal with. It's a lot.”

He took a selfie while wearing the headset.

After a ‘couple hours’, Gupta needed a break, describing it to ‘feel hot in there’ with ‘too much pressure’ on his face.

He also added: “Out here, the world seems crazy beautiful and hi-res. everything is hyper-detailed in real reality.”

And his laptop screen apparently looked ‘so sharp’ compared to the Apple Vision pro ‘but so tiny’.

He even gave a wish list, including it being more comfortable, having a higher resolution, a better battery life and relatable, a lower cost.

Featured Image Credit: superamit/X

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