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Apple users warn of overheating and battery drain after update

Apple users warn of overheating and battery drain after update

People had been complaining about overheating phones, now it's watches

Some Apple Watch users have had complaints about overheating following a recent update.

This isn't the first time in recent months that some Apple users have found their products a little too hot to handle, with some who bought the iPhone 15 saying it was overheating so much they couldn't hold it.

Apple said it had identified a few issues which were causing the overheating of their phones and had been working on it.

The company also said they were rolling out an update, but now Apple Watch users have said they're having problems since they got an update of their own.

watchOS 10.1 was released recently and some users have found that ever since then their Apple Watch has really been burning through the battery life.

Since a new update released people have complaints about the Apple Watch.
Chris Jung/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Many people tagged Apple in disapproving posts on social media to complain that their watches were suddenly going through battery life like Homer Simpson goes through a box of donuts.

One person said they were 'getting barely 2 hours' out of their watch's battery, while another asked whether anyone else had seen the update 'obliterate their Apple Watch battery life'.

It turns out it wasn't just them as someone else tagged Apple on X, formerly known as Twitter, to tell them they'd had a 'huge battery drain right after update to watchOS 10.1'.

A plethora of people complained about experiencing a 'major battery drainage' and some even saw their devices had 'barely charged overnight'.

Some even encouraged their fellow Apple Watch users to hold their horses, advising people: "Don't install WatchOS 10.1 on an Apple Watch Series 6. Wait for fix. Major battery issues; battery drained in minutes."

Apple Watch users have complained that it's getting so hot that it can't charge properly.
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

With Apple Watch users complaining that since the update their battery had been draining within 'hours' and one saying they'd seen theirs 'going backwards on the charger at one point' this looks like a bit of a pickle for the smart watch aficionados.

Others had problems with the temperature, which only served to make the battery issue worse in turn.

Someone said their watch 'got so hot during charging that it stopped', posting a picture of their Apple Watch screen saying that battery charging had been 'on hold due to Apple Watch temperature'.

Their issues were echoed by others who chimed in to say their watches had become 'too hot for charging', which meant they had even less time to use the watch as it burned through battery life.

LADbible has contacted Apple for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images/Feline Lim/Getty Images

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