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Elon Musk shares update on 'Optimus' humanoid robot with creepy video

Elon Musk shares update on 'Optimus' humanoid robot with creepy video

People have been left a little spooked by the video

Elon Musk has shared an unnerving video of Tesla's latest robotic creation which will eventually cost ‘less than a car’.

The tech billionaire is full of unimaginable ideas, but now we can see one that he has actually brought to life.

In 2021, Tesla revealed it was creating the humanoid robot, but it seems as though progressions have been significantly made.

The reveal event, which was held three years ago at Tesla’s AI Day, was confusing for consumers as it didn’t feature the actual robot.

Instead they brought out a human dressed in a black and white suit, who broke into dance.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that its humanoid robot can’t dance quite like that just yet.

The robot, called Optimus, can however walk autonomously, and we’re sure that Musk has even greater plans for it.

Elon Musk shared a creepy video of the humanoid robot.

In a video reposted to his platform X (formerly Twitter), users can see Optimus strolling around the factory floor, while others like it are being made in the background.

Musk captioned the post: “Optimus strolling around the lab.”

The Tesla Optimus account shared the original video and wrote: "Getting my daily steps in."

And social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the robot, with one writing: "I saw a movie about this once. In the movie, it didn’t bode well for humans."

Another added: "Wow, unreal. Things are improving so fast."

While a third commented: "Bro tryna recreate the terminator."

And someone else joked: "Optimus not in his prime."

Despite the humanoid robot moving rather human-like, it’s nowhere near as unnerving as Boston Dynamics’ robot Atlas, which is capable of running, jumping, standing on one leg, performing backflips, and much more.

Optimus can now walk.

Atlas has 28 hydraulic joints, and while people were excited about the developments, most were absolutely terrified about its abilities.

In comparison to Optimus, it’s clear to see that the machine is very advanced.

However we have seen Musk’s robot doing other tasks, like folding laundry, which - dare we say - could be very handy.

According to the Tesla CEO, his goal is to make the robot as useful and as quickly as possible.

And this doesn’t sound like we’ll be waiting too long…

Currently, the machines are expensive to produce and are created in low volumes, but Musk hopes to speed this process up so that they are inexpensive and can be mass-manufactured.

His plan is to create an Optimus which can eventually be sold for less than the value of a car, which he estimated would be less than $20,000 (£16k).

Best get saving now!

Featured Image Credit: Tesla_Optimus/X/Steve Granitz/Getty Images

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