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People's ‘skin crawling’ after noticing subtle change to Instagram feeds

People's ‘skin crawling’ after noticing subtle change to Instagram feeds

Users have declared the change makes them want to delete the Instagram app

Social media platforms love to ruin our day with unnecessary updates.

From unwanted ads to the implementation of non-chronological homepages, it seems like the software developers over at Instagram, TikTok, Facebook et al haven't heard of the famous phrase 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it'.

Instagram's latest update features a relatively minor change in the grand scheme of things, however the change has still caught the attention of users for all the wrong reasons.

When you opened up your app earlier today, you may have felt a sense of uncanny valley. Something wasn't quite right, but you couldn't put your finger on it.

For anyone feeling like this after updating the app don't worry, you're don't need an eye test, Instagram has just decided to introduce a slightly different font.

The change is barely noticeable, with the font on your profile page now ever-so-slightly bigger.

Take a look at your account and see if you notice the difference yourself.

Although the font looks pretty much identical to before, there's the tiniest change which appears to have sent users over the edge - leading to an avalanche of complaints on X.

Not holding back on their feelings, users branded the change 'ugly' and 'skin crawling' while others joked they should protest about it.

Users have branded the change 'skin crawling'. (Anna Barclay/Getty Images)
Users have branded the change 'skin crawling'. (Anna Barclay/Getty Images)

"Instagram changed its font and I hate It so much," one user complained, while another added: "The new instagram font is so UGLY WHY DID THEY DO THAT LIKE THAT LOOKS WEIRD."

"If there’s one thing a creative is going to notice, it’s a font update. Me no likey the new Instagram font," a third added.

Some users were even going as far as to declare that they no longer wanted to use the app, with one person writing: "This new instagram font makes me want to delete the app."

"instagram slightly changed the font and it’s making my skin crawl…" another added.

While the change is clearly causing uproar among users at the moment, it's unlikely to turn users away from the platform forever.

After all, Instagram has successfully introduced a non-chronological feed across its entire platform as well as multiple ads, yet that hasn't turned users away entirely.

Featured Image Credit: (Anna Barclay/Getty Images/LADbible)

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