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People still believe 12-year-old iPhone will never be beaten

People still believe 12-year-old iPhone will never be beaten

The iPhone 4s hit the market back in 2011 though many still think it'll never be knocked off top spot.

Last month saw the release iPhone 15 worldwide, in what was part of the latest line of hardware products released by Apple.

The phone marked the latest generation of a device which changed the smartphone scene forever when it first rocked the world back in 2007.

Labelled by tech experts as the 'biggest update to the device in three years', iPhone 15 includes a bunch of new tech-savvy features to keep phone junkies entertained.

But despite including the latest tech gismos, there is no questioning that iPhone 15 has been plagued with a bunch of issues, most notably involving overheating - and of course, failing the bend test.

Of course, there are a lot of people who have purchased the phone and are happy, but there are still many people that actually believe a 12-year-old iPhone is still the best of the bunch.

To save you from counting back all the iPhone releases from the last decade or so to work out the phone in question, the device is in fact the iPhone 4s.

Well, that does sound old doesn't it?

The iPhone 4s released way back in 2011.

The update to the iPhone 4 hit the market in October 2011, with Apple dubbing it at the time as 'The most amazing iPhone ever'.

As is the case with any new iPhone these days, it boasted a bunch of new improvements, including an improved cameras and bigger screen size.

And while you may expect the iPhone 4s to be completely obsolete in 2023, many are still singing its praises to this very day.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by the iClassic account earlier this year, a discussion began as the content creator said that 'nothing will beat the iPhone 4s'.

In the video, the YouTuber unboxed an iPhone 4s and completed the initial set-up of the phone.

To be honest, the user interface of the phone really is showing its age, but that hasn't stopped people remembering the good times of iPhone 4s.

People think the iPhone 4s will never be beaten.

"The 2010-2013 era of Apple is unbeatable," one person penned in the YouTube comments section.

Meanwhile, an Apple super fan wrote: "It really DOESN’T get better! I actually own over 20 4Ss… No joke! I use them as controllers for game shows & trivia quizzes I host at parties. They still work well with simple, local network web apps & the batteries are SOOO much easier to swap than later models!! Plus, I feel good knowing I can give them a better home than a landfill!"

And a third remarked: "As crazy as it sounds, I'm actually using an iPhone 4s as my main phone atm!"

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/@iClassic

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