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iPhone users warned over little orange dot which shows up at top of your screen

iPhone users warned over little orange dot which shows up at top of your screen

If you have an iPhone, then you may want to keep an eye out for this particular sign

A TikToker has revealed the meaning behind those different-coloured dots appearing on your iPhone screen.

If you use an iPhone, you may have noticed the small dots which sometimes appear at the top of your screen.

They seem fairly innocuous, but they actually have a very specific significance.

TikToker Jamie Nyland, who goes by the username @mrjamienyland, warned iPhone users of the significance of these little dots.

He said: "If you see this orange dot on your phone, you need to get help seriously fast. If you see an orange dot like this on top of your iPhone, this means someone is listening to you.

"It’s been all over the news, and in fact the orange dot is a warning sign from Apple that someone is using your microphone without your permission."

Just to be clear, the dot doesn't necessarily mean that the microphone is being used without your permission, it just means that the microphone is in use.

The dot actually means something very specific.
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So if you're one of the people who still makes phone calls, then if you look at your screen during a call you should see that dot there.

The same thing applies if you're, say, recording a voice note or filming a video with sound.

In that situation, it just means that the mic is working as it should, and it should disappear when you hang up the call.

The same goes with a green dot, which indicates that the camera is in use - so if you're taking a photo or video and see that, it's okay.

The orange dot on an iPhone means the microphone is being used.

When you should pay attention is if you're not using any apps which require the microphone or camera, but you still see the dot.

In that case, it means that the mic or camera depending on the colour is in use.

The TikToker explained: "If you have no apps open and this is still there, then someone is spying on your phone and listening to your conversations. So if you see this orange dot, turn your phone off immediately and go and get help."

The green dot means that your camera is in use.
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People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the video.

One wrote: "It just means the microphone is in use."

A second commented: said: "It doesn’t mean someone’s listening to you, it means there’s an app using your microphone or was using it recently."

And a third wrote: "Just means your mic is live, not that someone is listening in."

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo / Apple

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