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iPhone users issued warning as UK temperatures plummet

iPhone users issued warning as UK temperatures plummet

iPhone users should be aware of the risks involved with using their phones in sub-zero temperatures.

UK iPhone users have been made aware of upcoming weather changes and how they may potentially affect their devices.

It is well documented that iPhones are not made to work in extreme temperatures, whether that be too cold or too hot, and Apple have further reiterated that this winter.

The UK has already seen snow and ice in 2024, with parts of the US suffering from a torrential winter storm as a blizzard has hit several parts of the country.

Weather can have a severe effect on your iPhone, and users should be made aware that leaving it out in colder conditions as this can often slow the performance down considerably and drain the battery quicker than normal.

This is due to the battery not being able to function properly, though this can also result in the iPhone turning off completely.

Luckily, this is just a temporary measure and will not leave any long-term damage, as explained by Apple on their website: "Using an iOS or iPadOS device in very cold conditions outside of its operating range might temporarily shorten battery life and could cause your device to turn off.

It's no surprise the cold weather has impact on your battery life.
Nazarevich / Getty Images

"Battery life will return to normal when you bring your device back to higher ambient temperatures."

Apple also recommends that you do not use your iPhone in temperatures below 0C (32F), and that it should not be stored in temperatures lower than -20C (-4F), not that anyone was planning to.

Obviously, the answer to combatting this issue is to warm your phone up, though it is essential that it is not done using an external source, for example a hair dryer or radiator.

It could be as simple as putting the phone in your pocket, bringing it inside if you're outdoors, and being patient while it warms up before turning it on for use.

iPhones may suffer in the upcoming cold weather.
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Unfortunately for those of you who live in hotter areas, heat has a permanent effect on iPhones and can shorten your overall battery life if left exposed to these conditions.

All some key advice that could save an iPhone user who may be out and about in the freezing winter.

And let's face it, it's January and it's the UK, so it's not likely to get any warmer anytime soon.

Brace yourself, lads.

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