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iPhones with the original Twitter logo are being sold online for up to $24,000

iPhones with the original Twitter logo are being sold online for up to $24,000

People reckon they can make thousands purely off social media nostalgia after the logo was changed to X.

If you have a spare iPhone lying around your home with a particular social media app downloaded then you could be in the running for thousands of dollars.

Twitter has had a humungous facelift in the last few weeks after Elon Musk completed his vision for the platform.

He officially changed the name of the site to and has quickly worked at removing any remanent of the past.

The blue aesthetic and bird logo have been thrown in the bin for a sleek, black style and an X for a symbol of the social media brand.

It has divided users around the world, with some people saying it looks like an adult film website and others feeling it marks an exciting, new era for the company.

However, those in the former camp are holding onto the old Twitter for dear life and have the potential to make some decent money off it.


If you download Twitter or update the app, the icon on your phone will now display the black background and X logo instead of the blue background and white bird.

People who haven't done that yet are trying to flog their devices on places like eBay and their asking prices are ridiculous.

A quick scan of the buying and selling website shows one listing for AUD $12,000 whereas another is offering AUD $16,500 at auction as well as a Buy It Now price of AUD $24,800.

Keep in mind these are just listing prices and not indicative of the sum people are actually paying to have an app's original logo.

It's baffling to think that anyone would want to part ways with that amount of money for nostalgia.

It was a fairly rogue decision to change the company's name considering how much brand recognition Twitter had built up since it launched.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of the social media app, called the rebranding an 'exceptionally rare thing' and 'a second chance to make another big impression'.

“Twitter made one massive impression and changed the way we communicate. Now, X will go further, transforming the global town square,” she shared in a tweet.

“There is absolutely no limit to this transformation. X will be the platform that can deliver, well… everything.”

Musk previously raised the idea of X becoming an ‘everything app’ when he purchased Twitter last year for $44 billion.

Featured Image Credit: eBay. New Line Cinema

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