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'Creepiest website' on the internet lets people see through cameras all over the world

'Creepiest website' on the internet lets people see through cameras all over the world

Online privacy has never been so violated before

There are some seriously disturbing websites on the internet that make you question how secure your information really is.

There's this website, for instance, which claims to be able to find every image of you that exists on the internet.

Perhaps even more creepy, there's a website that allows you to see live feeds from security cameras across the world - apparently without the owners of the cameras knowing anything about it.

That enough to send a shiver down your spine?

And what makes it worse - none of these camera have been hacked into. According to the website, the cameras' feeds aren't protected in any way.

The website can access cameras across the world.
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The website is called and it streams live feeds from online surveillance security cameras around the world that haven't been password-protected.

The site insists that only 'network surveillance security cameras are collected here', and not 'USB cameras on PCs and internal cameras on notebooks' - if that makes you feel any better.

All sorts of live feeds can be viewed.

When we did a quick search on the website, we saw footage from a bird's nest in Hungary, a ski slope in Austria, and a corner shop and an ice rink in Poland.

Naturally there are some big concerns about privacy here, but the site states that if you email them, they will take your camera footage off.

Of course, most people don't know their footage is on there to begin with.

You could also easily be removed from Insecam if you set a password - something that only takes a minute.

The creepiest thing about this website is that accessing the cameras' footage is not explicitly illegal, unless passwords are hacked.

Basically, is perfectly within the boundaries of legality.

Security cameras are easily accessible if you don't add a password.
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How scary is it that so many people have been exposed on Insecam due to their lack of security measures.

You can never be too careful.

Other creepy websites in the video include one which details all plane crashes in history, with the pilot's last words recorded.

Another website is one where inmates' last words are recorded, showcasing the final thoughts of convicts before their death.

Long story short, if you're slightly morbid, there's definitely a freaky website out there for you.

Be right back, just going to set up a password on my security camera.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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