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Expert explains real reason why your washing machine’s last minute feels like eternity

Expert explains real reason why your washing machine’s last minute feels like eternity

The appliances tend to trick us into thinking the cycle will be wrapped up in 60 seconds, but it's never the case.

By the time your washing machine finally wraps up the last minute of the cycle, it feels like an eternity has gone by.

Your kids could have gone off to college, got a job, and started a family of their own by the time that '60 seconds' is up.

Initially, when you see that your clothes wash is coming to an end, you're buzzing that you have spotted it at the supposedly perfect time.

There's no point going off and starting something else when there is only one minute on the clock. So you may as well just stand there and wait, right?

Wrong - it's an everlasting 60 seconds, and every single one of those alleged seconds is absolutely torturous to endure.

Social media users have even accused their appliances of 'gaslighting' them, as they genuinely make you doubt how long you have been waiting. It's a very serious issue.

But why have our washing machines collectively decided to trick us into thinking there's only a minute left - when there actually isn't?

You'll be glad to know there isn't a wacky conspiracy theory suggesting that the machines are planning to rise up against us after driving us insane with their bizarre lies about time.

The appliances idea of 60 seconds ends up lasting a lot longer.
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Luckily, an expert has come to the rescue and revealed the real reason behind why our appliances are dishonest about the remaining duration of a cycle.

Laundry category manager for Hotpoint UK, Vivien Fodor, explained that there is actually a method behind the madness.

She's well aware that a lot of people plan their chores around the timing of their washing machines so it slows our cleaning spree down as well as simply being a massive annoyance.

Vivien said this is the reason why most modern appliances have a display showing the time, but sometimes, it is a bit out of sync.

She explained: "As the washing continues, the timer doesn't always reflect the total time set at the start and, in the end, can differ by a few minutes.

"Whilst the difference is not usually big, this can be frustrating. However, there is a perfectly good explanation for this – and it is actually helping you to save energy and money."

Waiting for your clothes wash to finish can feel like an eternity.
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It turns out that washing machines are actually designed with your wallet in mind, so they save resources wherever possible.

Whether it's water, energy or fabric softener, the appliances are actually eco-warriors too and want to reduce waste wherever possible. But because of this, you might be lingering in front of it for longer than a minute.

Vivien continued: "So, there are a number of checks that a washing machine will do during its cycle.

"These are usually automated and are there to tell the machine if it is taking more or less time than expected to fill, wash or spin.

"As a result, the machine will adjust the time to end at certain points of the cycle – sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

"The only difference is that people only notice when it's the latter!

"As the parameters differ with some loads being heavier than others, such as bedding and towels, this automated function ensures your laundry is washed properly yet economically every time, regardless of the load type."

Well, there you have it.

So resist the urge to give your washing machine a boot when it's taking it's time, as it is actually doing you a favour.

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