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UK's most popular Tesco meal deal is being blamed on 'builders'

UK's most popular Tesco meal deal is being blamed on 'builders'

"What in the 50 year old man is going on here?"

The UK's most popular Tesco meal deal has been revealed, and people are 'blaming' it on 'builders'.

If there's one thing that can cause a rift amongst Brits, it's meal deal choices.

You all remember Rate My Meal Deal, right? One misstep and you're getting torn apart by the brutal group members.

So when Tesco recently released its end of year round-up, including the most popular meal deal choice of 2022, you can bet people were quick to throw about their opinions on the matter.

One TikToker who goes by the name of Joey Shaw was so outraged by the selection, he created a whole video on the matter.

Before we get into it, let's first take a look at the lunch choice at the centre of this controversy.

The nation's favourite Tesco meal deal has been revealed.
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The nation's favourite combo consists of the Tesco sausage, bacon and egg triple sandwich as the main, a bag of McCoy's flame grilled steak crisps as the snack and a regular old bottle of Coca Cola for the drink.

Now, for some people this might sound like the ideal lunch.

But Shaw clearly sits on the other side of the fence, saying: "So Tesco Clubcard have released their end of year wrapped.

"I'm genuinely shocked by what the top most popular meal deal is in this country."

After reading out the selection alongside a screenshot of the report, he asks: "What in the 50-year-old man is going on here?

"What in the builder, the truck driver, am I looking at?"

Now before you start losing it, the TikToker did suggest that the items were 'OK' individually. But when they're placed together, well, it's a no from him.

Plenty of people agree with his sentiment, with one saying: "This gives off builder vibes 100%."

People aren't too keen on the combo.

Since when did we stop liking builders and when did they become associated with McCoy's crisps?

Clearly I'm missing something, as there were a number of comments along these same lines.

"This is 1000% the builders and truck drivers they do buy the most meal deals I would think," said another.

And a third added: "Like 90% of meal deals are bought by 50-year-old builders and truck drivers so it makes sense."

And it's not just builders and truck drivers who are getting the blame, as one person said: "Standard hetero meal deal."

Not everyone is against the selection, however, including this TikToker who wrote: "Pretty solid meal deal to be fair. I'd prefer a BLT but this isn't bad at all."

A second described it as an 'absolute winner of a meal deal'.

Tesco's Unpacked report also revealed some of the runner up meal deal choices, which include the supermarket's chicken, bacon and stuffing sandwich and chicken club sandwich as mains and Walkers cheese and onion crisps and Fridge Raiders' southern style chicken bites as snacks.

You can't deny they're an easy choice for lunches.

Meanwhile, Ufit's high protein strawberry milkshake and orange Lucozade were some of the fave drinks.

And if all this chat is making you hungry, you might want to know that Tesco recently increased the price of its meal deals for the first time in 10 years for Clubcard users.

The cost went from £3 for Clubcard users and £3.50 for regular customers to £3.40 and £3.90, respectively.

To be fair, with a cost-of-living crisis currently crippling the UK, it's no surprise that even the supermarkets are feeling the strain.

But it doesn't make the news any more comforting.

Featured Image Credit: Phil Rees / Alamy lynt Garnham Business / Alamy

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