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Tesla app crashes leaving drivers worried they might not be able to open cars without keycard

Tesla app crashes leaving drivers worried they might not be able to open cars without keycard

It would be pretty awful to be stuck unable to get into your car because an app crashed

Some Tesla owners have today come in for a bit of a nasty shock as they realised the app they use for their cars had crashed, leaving drivers worried they could be locked out.

When they open the app they can normally see all sorts of handy things which let them interact with their car and monitor what they need to know.

Instead they've today (14 February) been flagged up with an error message which says '503 Server Maintenance' and has prevented them from getting on the app.

With no access to the app there's a bunch of things they can't do, and drivers have said there was no advance warning of server maintenance being done on this day.

Forced to wait 'hours' without an announcement or communication from Tesla, plenty of drivers around the world were stuck waiting for the server maintenance message to go away so they could get back to using the app.

Plenty of Tesla drivers had the same '503 Server Maintenance' message.

Several drivers said they were worried of being 'stuck at work without a keycard', fearful that they might not be able to use their phones to unlock and enter their cars.

Someone else said they 'can only hope I can drive home at the end of the day', while a third called on Tesla boss Elon Musk and demanded that 'Space Karen, get your focus right' to fix the problem.

Fortunately, other Tesla motorists were on hand to reassure their worried colleagues that even with the app down they could still get in their cars and drive them off.

Even with the app not functional, Tesla drivers have said they could still use their phone's Bluetooth to get the doors open and get behind the wheel, which will be a relief for motorists wondering how they were going to explain not being back from work on Valentine's Day.

The real issue people have been having is attempting to connect to a Powerwall battery system in order to see how much charge their cars need.

Hopes that the app would be back and working fell flat as many users saw their service drop out once more.

It's not the first time drivers have had problems charging their electric cars, although the last time that happened it was because of the Christmas rush rather than app failure.

With so many drivers preparing to make long journeys during the festive season there were cars queuing for hours on end to have their turn at a charging point.

Then again, there are some prototype batteries in the works which could make electric cars have an incredible range, so you'd have to be very unlucky for a little bit of disruption to leave you stranded.

LADbible has contacted Tesla for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kalki / mundissima / Alamy

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