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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Actor Can't Bring Herself To Watch It For Second Time

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Actor Can't Bring Herself To Watch It For Second Time

The star admitted she 'hates' horror movies

Warning there are spoilers for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie in this article - so if you’ve not seen it yet and would like to enjoy it spoiler-free then please click away now. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre star Sarah Yarkin has said she’ll never watch the movie again, you can see the trailer here:

The actor plays Melody in the slasher sequel, one of a new group of young adults who end up on the wrong side of Leatherface who has a penchant for murderous rampages. 

After seeing all their pals - and a literal busload of would-be investors - get brutally killed, it looks like Melody and sister Lila (played by Elsie Fisher) are all set to drive off and escape Leatherface, but in the final seconds of the movie the killer appears at the car window, pulls Melody out and chops her head clean off before holding it up for Lila to see.

As you might imagine, it’s a bit weird watching your own death on screen, and Yarkin has admitted that she won’t be watching the movie again. 


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the scene, Yarkin said: “I hate watching myself act, I hate horror movies and I hate watching myself be traumatized. So I did not enjoy it. I will never watch this movie again.

“I was living it all when I was doing it, and your body doesn’t really know the difference between fake tears and real tears. You’re really just crying, so I didn’t like watching it. 

“But that part was the one part that I didn’t experience because I didn’t die in real life. 

“So watching it, it was the first time that I got to actually take a step back and be like, ‘Oh my god, this is fun'. Does that make sense? Because I didn’t actually get my head chopped off, it was the one real effect that I didn’t feel. 

“So when I watched it, I was removed for the first time, cheering that this was a great ending for the movie.”


Although it might not sound like much fun to see yourself be decapitated, Yarkin said the ending is actually her ‘favourite’ part of the whole movie. 

She said: “And actually, the end is my favourite part of the whole movie. The final five seconds. I obviously knew what was coming because I shot it, but when I was watching it, I was shocked.” 

If, unlike Yarkin, you’ve not vowed to watch the movie ever again, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available to stream on Netflix right now. 

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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