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The Chase Viewers Furious At 'Unfair' Question Given To Partially Sighted Woman

The Chase Viewers Furious At 'Unfair' Question Given To Partially Sighted Woman

Viewers of ITV's The Chase were fuming at the 'unfair' question given to a partially sighted woman

The Chase viewers have slammed the show for the 'unfair' question given to a partially blind contestant.

Legal advisor Anna, 45, had already mentioned to host Bradley Walsh how she had difficulty seeing before getting stuck with the controversial brain-teaser.

The host said: "I know that you have a sight impediment," to which the contestant replied: "Yes, that's right."

Walsh then asked the court worker: "Has that helped you in the legal game? And what I mean is are you sort of paying more attention?"


"You know what, you're actually right," Annah replied.

"Because I actually am not distracted by visual cues - you're right, that's very true."

Annah, who required assistance getting to and from her seat throughout the show was then asked the question.

Bradley asked: "Which Only Fools and Horses character was often seen in a sheepskin coat?"

The 45-year-old contestant answered wrongly: "Boyce".

Walsh then informed her that the correct answer was Del Boy.

Many users took to social media to showcase their discontent.

One tweeted: "The chase just asked Annah, who is blind, which character from only fools and horses is often 'seen' in a sheepskin coat #TheChase."


Someone else commented: "I'm sorry, but asking that sheepskin coat question to someone who's visually impaired... #TheChase."

A third wrote: "'Which Only Fools & Horses character is often seen wearing a sheepskin coat?' F*** off ITV asking that to a BLIND contestant! #TheChase."

Another asked: "Are they taking the p*** with that coat question? She’s blind #TheChase."

"As if you’ve just asked a partially sighted lady who was often seen wearing a sheepskin coat #TheChase," a final user shared.

Notably, however, all questions that are asked on The Chase are believed to be selected at random.

Despite receiving a difficult question, Annah managed to rack up £7,000 in the cash-builder round.

Chaser Mark 'The Beast' Labbett then offered her a low option of £1,000 and a high of £50,000.

Annah decided to stick with the initial £7,000 and was able to make it back to her squad.

She featured with contestants Dave and Rachel and the trio ended up taking £15,000 to split amongst them.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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