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Tattoo of Wednesday Addams gets absolutely roasted online

Tattoo of Wednesday Addams gets absolutely roasted online

Loads of people reckon it looks more like Samuel L Jackson than the goth princess.

A tattoo of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams is going viral online and many reckon it looks more like Samuel L. Jackson.

A man captured an image of his new tattoo, and we can already sense it will be his biggest regret of the new year.

Hopefully, he is a fan of Pulp Fiction.

One person on Twitter wrote: “When you get a pre-production tattoo of Wednesday Addams, after hearing Samuel L. Jackson is being considered for the lead.”

Another shared: “Welp, this was supposed to be Wednesday Addams but looks more like Samuel L Jackson as a kid… lol #HappyNewYear Squad.”

A third commented: “I think it's supposed to be Samuel Addams but.......all problem, all bad.”

While some believed the tattoo looked eerily similar to Malian comedian Grand M.

One person shared: “Looks smack like him but with a wig.”

Another commented: “Nah this him.”

We just hope, for this lad's sake, the internet reaction will get him a full refund as he books in for laser tattoo removal.

Similarly, a TikToker last year was left distraught after a miscommunication between her and her tattoo artist.

TikTok user @izzy38255 was vacationing in Pittsburgh when she decided to get a tattoo that paid homage to Mac Miller’s song ‘Missed Calls’.

But it seems her tattoo artist took too much creative license and went full rogue.

Izzy requested that the tattoo be 2x3 in size, but after it was too late, she realised the artist had permanently inked 2x3 on her skin.

In the video, she cries: “I just got the worst f**king tattoo. I got my cellphone from Mac Miller and told her I wanted it 2 by 3 size.

“She tattooed the f**king 2 by 3. How do I fix that?”

However, many viewers began questioning why Izzy didn’t spot the mistake before the tattoo was inked.

One person wrote: “I’m sorry? Did you not look at the stencil? I’m confused.”

Another said: “That’s on you I’m sorry.”

While a third advised: “Don’t cry, Mac Miller would have thought it was dope/ funny and he would just vibe with it.”

However, in a follow-up video, Izzy informed her viewers that she didn’t initially see the ‘2 by 3’ on the stencil.

She added: “When she was doing the tattoo, she had me lay down flat with my arm completely bent sideways, weird.

“When I did look over it was mostly just like her head, I couldn't really see it.”

Ah, it could be worse; you could have Wednesday Addams permanently inked. Count your blessings, or should we say missed calls.

Featured Image Credit: wiz fajita/Twitter. Netflix

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