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The McDonald's Monopoly game is back in Australia and there's nearly $800 million worth of prizes

The McDonald's Monopoly game is back in Australia and there's nearly $800 million worth of prizes

You have to be in it to win it.

Gird your loins because McDonald's is bringing its legendary Monopoly game back to Australia.

For the uninitiated, the fast food chain kicks off a Monopoly-themed competition where loads of menu items have a small tab connected to it.

It will be colour-coded, which responds to how expensive your prize is.

If you've played Monopoly before then you'll remember that Mayfair blue is the most coveted.

This year's competition kicks off this week on September 6 and there is a whopping $786 million worth of prizes up for grabs.

Yes, you read that right. We're getting close to a billion dollars of things you can win.


Some of the juicy rewards are two ISUZU MU-X vehicles, $100,000 worth of eftpos E-gift cards, fuel for a year from Ampol, up to 10 nights on a Pacific Islands P&O cruise, and so much more.

Jordan Drew from South Australia was the lucky winner of a car in last year's competition and he said: “I couldn’t believe it when I scanned my chance card and saw that I had won a car.

“I was just buying lunch and next minute I’ve won! It was a huge and very welcoming surprise.

“I’m telling everyone to play the game this year.

"This was my first time playing the Monopoly Game at Macca’s, and winners really are everywhere!”

All you have to do is download the MyMacca's app and you can upload your tabs when you buy a ticketed menu item.

McDonald's says you have a one in four chance of getting something.

Whether that's a car or a free packet of chips at your next purchase, there's loads on offer.

Tobi Fukushima, Marketing Manager for McDonald’s Australia said: “We’re always excited when it’s time to play the Monopoly Game at Macca’s, and with more than 62 million prizes up for grabs, we hope customers are excited too!

“We’re offering customers our great Macca’s value and so much more, with a chance to win cars, cash, travel and fashion gift cards, free Macca’s for a year and more.

“With a one in four chance to win, download the MyMacca’s app and get playing before it’s too late!”

The competition will run from September 6 until October 24.

Featured Image Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images. Supplied

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