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Viewers divided as King Charles is met with cheers at Buckingham Palace

Viewers divided as King Charles is met with cheers at Buckingham Palace

The new King arrived at Buckingham Palace after returning from Balmoral

Members of the public have been left with mixed opinions after King Charles III was greeted by cheers as he arrived at Buckingham Palace.

The new King returned to London with the Queen Consort Camilla following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday (8 September).

Their return had been announced in a statement by Buckingham palace yesterday, which explained: "The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow."

King Charles III is expected to address the nation tonight.
Mark Sandbach/Alamy Stock Photo

Thousands of people have been gathered outside the palace since Buckingham Palace announced concerns for the Queen's health earlier on Thursday, and as Charles' car arrived outside the property some of those who had gathered let out cheers and applause.

The new King greeted the crowd with a smile, shook their hands and acknowledged the shouts of 'God save the king!'

Though some might have felt it a fitting welcome for the new King of England, others have condemned the upbeat welcome in the wake of his mother's passing.

One viewer described the scene as 'bizarre' on Twitter, writing: "A woman just kissed Charles's actual hand live on TV when he arrived at Buckingham Palace. Very bizarre tone of greeting overall - cheering, when his mum's dead? Really?"

Another member of the public commented: "people cheering at king charles arriving in london is a little bit strange."

In contrast, other viewers were welcoming of the scene as one person wrote: "WOW!!!!! King Charles got out of the car and went straight to meet and greet the public. Everyone cheering and shouting “God Save the King”. What a moment for him. I can’t imagine."

Piers Morgan is also among those who felt the King's arrival at Buckingham Palace warranted a vocal response from the crowd as he tweeted: "Wonderful scenes outside Buckingham Palace as huge cheering crowds cry ‘GOD SAVE THE KING!!’ at our new Monarch, Charles III. He looks genuinely touched. Very moving."

Other viewers tried to put themselves in King Charles' shoes as the situation unfolded, with one person writing: "What an incredibly difficult time for King Charles III. Yesterday he lost his mother. Today he woke up the king of England and now greeting public as they offer both condolences and cheers of “God save the king.” Emotionally unbearable I would think."

The King returned to Buckingham Palace to join preparations for the Queen's funeral, and to prepare to address the United Kingdom for the first time as the monarch.

King Charles III is expected to make his address on BBC One, BBC News, Sky News and ITV1 at 6:00pm tonight (9 September).

Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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