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Three missing British passengers confirmed dead after fire broke out on Egyptian boat

Three missing British passengers confirmed dead after fire broke out on Egyptian boat

The boat burst into flames off the coast of Egypt

Three missing British passengers who were on a diving boat that burst into flames in the Red Sea have died, a tour operator has confirmed.

Scuba Travel, the travel company that ran the diving tour the three Brits were on, have confirmed the devastating news.

They said: "At the time the fire broke out, 12 divers were participating in a briefing on board, while those missing had apparently decided not to dive that morning."

The tourist boat had 29 people on board when the fire started, according to reports from Egyptian police, and had been on a scuba diving trip. Of the passengers who have been rescued so far 12 were British and 14 were local.

The boat, which is known as the 'Hurricane', had been going from Marina Porto Ghalib on 6 June, with reports suggesting it had been on the way to Marsa Alam region in the south of the Red Sea.

Three Brits died as a result of the fire.
Twitter / @qnetworkkw

Images from the incident show black smoke pouring out of the vessel, with flames engulfing the rear of the boat out at sea.

It has been previously said all the crew and passengers who were rescued are in good health, as the Egyptian authorities launched an investigation to try and find the three missing Brits.

Scuba Travel's statement continued: "It is with great regret that we, as Tour Operator, with heavy hearts, must accept that three of our much-valued dive guests, who had not participated in the dive briefing, early on the morning of June 11, perished in the tragic incident.

"Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to their families and friends at this very sad time."

The boat had been sailing in the Red Sea when the electrical fault happened, causing it to catch fire. It set out from Marina Porto Ghalib, and had been due to return on Sunday (11 June).

The fire started as a result of an electrical fault.
Twitter / @CitizenFreePres

The boat had been a part of the Tornado Marine Fleet tours, that describes itself as 'Luxury Red Sea Liveaboards', with trips costing around £1500 for seven nights.

The Secretary General of the Red Sea Governorate confirmed the devastating fire had started due to an electric fault.

In a statement they said: "He pointed out that the crew and passengers were rescued by the boat named 'Blue' and returned to central Marsa Alam, and a search is still underway for 3 British passengers by the concerned authorities and other boats, stressing that the Ambulance Authority and the Directorate of Health Affairs have been notified to raise the level of readiness and follow-up is underway."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@CitizenFreePres

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