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Going on holiday can be an expensive business, so many people understandably want to try and get their money's worth out of it.

A bloke who took an all inclusive trip unexpectedly found himself being given the opportunity of a lifetime when he made an exciting discovery in his room.

The guest showed off their unexpected perk.
TikTok / @raene1

The room at a hotel in Greece lead directly to a popular part of the hotel.

While all-inclusive holidays can be a good bargain, they often come with a lot of terms and conditions attached. However, one dad found a way round them and has since shared his discovery on social media.

The family had gone into their room for the evening when they spotted a 'secret window' behind a curtain. It turned out to be quite a useful thing to have.

A caption posted along with the video said: "When the all inclusive finishes at 11pm, but you have a secret window in your hotel room. Of all the rooms to give us."

It transpired that the room shared a wall with a rather sought after room in the hotel. The dad had opened up the hatch to find himself looking behind the bar.

The all-inclusive had stopped serving at 11pm which meant that the shutters had come down and the bar was no longer accessible - at least not from the front.

But unfazed, the dad managed to squeeze through the window and pour himself a pint behind the bar, with the shutters down in front of him.

The bar was not included with the room.
TikTok / @raene1

Viewers were absolutely delighted with the discovery on the video, which has racked up some five million views on TikTok.

One replied: "I've heard of a mini bar but this is next level."

Another said: "Genius, making the most of all inclusive."

Someone else posted: "After 2 nights I wouldn’t fit back through the window and would be caught in the morning."

A fourth posed an interesting question: "I can’t help but wonder what the actual purpose of this window was intended for."

That's certainly a bit of a head scratcher!

The man clarified that the all-inclusive had finished at 11pm, but the pool bar had closed at 6pm. This was the bar that the room had backed onto, with the video being taken just after that bar had closed.

Still, it's good to know that it's there, just in case.

It's not clear exactly what the hotel policy was on getting behind the bar after hours, but it certainly seems a bit cheeky!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @raene1

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