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People On TikTok Are Using Hair Dye To Give Themselves Fake Freckles

People On TikTok Are Using Hair Dye To Give Themselves Fake Freckles

As freckles continue to take the world by storm, many are purchasing a specific type of hair dye to create sun spots

TikTok users are using hair dye to give themselves fake freckles and the results are hilarious.

One video posted by @sydneypurl helped spark the DIY faux freckle movement after she purchased a bottle of L'oreal Paris Magic Retouch Hair Colour.

The TikTok user lightly sprayed it into her face to create her sun-kissed spots and people have been rushing to the supermarket shelves to try it out.

The TikTok user was clearly stunning with the results and said: “I actually cannot believe how realistic this looks.”

The video has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and many have praised the beauty guru for the newfound 'hack'.

One user wrote: “Frrrr! They are so smart. My mum uses this for its actual purpose.”

While another said: “It’s the L’Oreal root hair spray hahaha how good.”

A third commented: “My jaw dropped.”

But when something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

As other courageous women tried to apply the same trick, many failed in the process.

A UK makeup and beauty enthusiast, known as Maggie A on TikTok, tried to spray on her fake freckles, but the spots were too dark.

She said: “That is the worst thing I have ever done. I literally look like a Dalmatian. Safe to say this is not for me.”

Even though the TikTok star blamed the shade of dye not suiting her skin colour, others also failed to get that au naturale freckle look.

One woman burst into hysterics when the dye spurt all over her face.

She decided to post the aftermath of her attempt and said in fits of laughter: “You said don’t worry I can do it.”

Meanwhile, another woman took to social media while adding freckles to her face and was seemingly shocked after spraying too close.

“Oh….” she said after ending the video abruptly.

Freckles took the world by storm last year for some reason and many rushed to try any and every hack imaginable to get the look.

According to the Mirror, the beauty trend was primarily inspired by Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle as the hashtag #fakefreckles began circulating on social media shortly after the royal wedding. 

While the ‘no makeup makeup’ look is definitely in right now, given these recent results, let’s just put the spray cans down for now.

Featured Image Credit: sierralovvmakeup/TikTok. Maggiea22/TikTok.

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