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Woman Who Lets Her Kids Swear Because It Is 'Real Life' Believes It Is A Helpful Parenting Method

Poppy Bilderbeck

| Last updated 

Woman Who Lets Her Kids Swear Because It Is 'Real Life' Believes It Is A Helpful Parenting Method

A mum has revealed on TikTok why she lets her children swear, noting how it is simply an aspect of 'real life'. Take a look below:


Now, I only learnt about swear words when I was around 10 years old and it was only because my best friends in school who had older siblings to let them in on the secret taught me about them.

Even to this day, at the age of 21, I apologise profusely to my mum after each 'f**k,' 's**t' or 'b***h' which falls out of my mouth.


But this defiant mother has taken to TikTok to explain why she believes it is important to let her child curse and she noted 'more than one reason'.

The mum, known as TiKToKmom, says she is a parent coach and psychotherapist and uses the platform to share her expert parenting techniques.

In her recent video on the topic of swearing, she acts out what she deems to be an 'unhelpful parent response,' which shows her telling off her daughter after she uses the word 's**t' when dropping some laundry.

Credit: TikTok/@psyko_therapy
Credit: TikTok/@psyko_therapy

In a 'helpful parent response,' she asks her daughter if she needs 'any help' and thanks her 'for remembering to only use swear words when it's just [her] and [her daughter] home'.

The parent explains that while it's useful, because she herself is a 'potty mouth' and 'doesn't want to stop swearing,' she also reflected that 'swearing is real life'.

However, just because the mum lets her daughter swear, it doesn't mean there aren't any rules.

From not using swear words at others, or in calling people names to only doing it within the house.


She said: "We have rules that our daughter can swear when we're home alone. She gets to graze in the pasture, but we have a nice fence around it in which she needs to stay."

Although the mum concluded that families have to ultimately figure out what works 'best' for them.

Credit: TikTok/@psyko_therapy
Credit: TikTok/@psyko_therapy

The mum's parenting style has led to thousands flocking to the comments in a heated debate about whether or not you should let your children swear.


One said: "Nah my mom just stares at me and then my sister yells 'YOU SAID A BAD WORD' and then I walk to my room."

Another explained how swearing can be a useful outlet to 'help with anger' and a third channelled the same energy that I do around my mum.

They said: "Me 18 years old: 'Mom I’m gonna say a bad word. Just a heads up'."

The release of anger when you swear certainly does help you stay sane, however, in terms of the mum arguing that it's important to show children the reality of life, I wonder where she'd stand in the debate surrounding letting your children believe in Santa Claus?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@psyko_therapy

Topics: TikTok, Parenting

Poppy Bilderbeck
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