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Man leaves woman stunned after showing her how his smartphone has changed the shape of his finger

Man leaves woman stunned after showing her how his smartphone has changed the shape of his finger

He claims resting his smartphone on his little finger has left a permanent indent in it

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that society as a whole is addicted to our smart phones.

The average person spends three hours and 15 minutes on their phone every day, while one in five of us spends upwards of four-and-a-half hours swiping away at our phone screens daily.

It turns out we're so attached to our phones that people have starting noticing an ident on their pinky fingers, known rather appropriately as 'smartphone pinky.'

TikTok content creator Callum Joyce spoke on his Bedtime Stories podcast about how holding his iPhone has changed the shape of his little finger.

Speaking to co-host Hannah Sami, he said: "Because we hold our phones so much, your little finger actually has an indent in it."

He tells Hannah to take out her phone to test the theory. "Callum, you’re gonna blow my mind right now!" she says, before responding in shock: "I do! I do! Mine’s really bad!"

However, looking at the comments below the clip, it seems not everyone is convinced.

"All fingers have the indent," one person responded.

"I have it on my both pinky and I only use right hand," another TikTok commenter claimed.

We're thought to spend so much time on our smartphones that it's leaving indents on our little fingers.

Although someone replied: "Yh but the pinky that you hold underneath ur phone is deeper than the rest because is the weight."

One woman replied: "Not me staring at my pinky’s indent in horror."

"I don’t hold my phone like that," someone else declared.

Whilst having a little bend in your pinky is unlikely to do you that much damage, some experts believe that it could be damaging to your hand in the long run.

Lloyds Pharmacy pharmacist, Pareena Patel, told The Sun that there is no clinical evidence about what the pinky theory is, or whether it actually exists, but said that it could be caused by the repetitive strain of constantly holding a device.

"Smartphone pinky is a social phenomenon thought to be caused by frequent smartphone use," Patel said. "This is where users have reported a dent on their pinky finger from holding their smartphone too much.

However, physicians say there is no evidence to suggest that it's causing serious damage.

"While there is no clinical evidence yet to suggest that smartphones can damage our pinkies specifically, nor is this an official medical condition or term, there are reasons to believe excessive phone use can impact our muscular function and may damage our joints particularly in the thumb and wrist area.

"For example, we know that repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a common condition which affects the muscles and nerves if they are overused or subject to frequent repetitive movements."

So it turns out we should be worrying about our thumbs instead of our pinkies, which can be affected by overuse when we're constantly scrolling through TikTok, tiring out the tendons and resulting in soreness and inflammation.

Now, how many of you read this article with your phone rested on your little finger?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@callumjoycee

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