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TikToker divides opinion with explanation why some lads don’t post girlfriend on their Instagram story

TikToker divides opinion with explanation why some lads don’t post girlfriend on their Instagram story

He posted a TikTok video to explain why he feels some lads don't post their girlfriend on Instagram, saying it's all down to 'embarrassment'

A man has divided opinion online after offering up his explanation for why some lads don’t post pictures of their girlfriend on their Instagram story. Find out what he reckons here: 

TikToker @tomharlz recently posted a video explaining his theory, saying in the caption: “Hate to break it to u.” 

He believes it’s all down to ‘embarrassment’ - and no, not the shame of public displays of affection, as some people often experience. 

“You wanna know the main reason why boys don’t post you on their stories?” he began. 

“It’s because of embarrassment, you know. 

“And if anyone tries to tell me I’m lying, just shut up because if you don’t post your girl, you’re embarrassed to show your girl – and that’s a fact. 

“Tell me I’m wrong, because you’ve probably said to your boys, ‘Oh yeah, bro, I used to get these 10/10s all the time, my girl’s 10/10,’ or whatever. 

He believes it's all down to 'embarrassment'.

“You might think your girl’s 10/10, but you won’t post her because you know people don’t think she’s 10/10. Know what I’m saying?” 

Smiling to the camera, the TikToker added: “You know what I’m saying. You know it’s true... so girls, I’m sorry.” 

His video has since racked up 690,000 views and 62,000 likes – along with more than 1,300 comments that proved his opinion was a fairly divisive one. 

“We love a man who talks truthhhhh,” one person commented in support of @tomharlz, while another wrote: “So true my partner never posted his exs.” 

A third said: “Of course!!!! This is true!! Same way us women only post ourselves or our food! Only my food a 10/10.” 

Many people, however, weren't convinced by his theory.

Others admitted they felt slightly crushed by the revelation, with one saying: “Okay that just broke my heart.” 

One also said: “Insecurity unlocked never been posted in all my relationships throughout 6 years thx.” 

But some people shared their own take on the matter – with many saying they felt it was more a sign of someone being disloyal and ‘chatting to other birds’. 

“Nah you could be 10/10 but he won’t post you because he wants to look available to other girls,” one offered, with another agreeing: “It’s actually because he probs ain’t loyal.” 

Meanwhile, some questioned why it mattered ‘what anyone else thinks’ or why everyone was ‘rating’ everyone these days. 

Lightening the tone slightly, one user shared a much simpler explanation. 

Their comment, which was the thread’s top post, said: “My bf has a samsung I won’t let him take pictures of me on his phone lol.” 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tomharlz/Vera Arsic/Alamy Stock Photo

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