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Tim Martin has made a promise to Wetherspoons customers as prices rise across UK

Tim Martin has made a promise to Wetherspoons customers as prices rise across UK

It comes as drink prices have increased

Wetherspoons founder and chairman Sir Tim Martin has made a promise to customers amidst rising food prices.

Sir Tim made the pledge on Friday (22 March) after the chain increased its price of a pint back in February.

In an official statement, a Wetherspoons spokesperson explained what had been affected by the price raise.

"Most prices in Wetherspoon pubs have increased by 3.95% from Thursday, 1 February, 2024," it read.

"Some prices have increased by less. Ruddles Bitter has increased by 1%. Bud Light lager, Stowford Press Cider and Doom Bar bitter have increased by 2%. Draught Pepsi has not increased.

"The average increase, across all bar and food products is 3%.”

While the Wetherspoon chairman added: “Wetherspoon, like most pub companies, has seen some big increases in costs. We believe that our prices remain competitive, even after these changes."

However, appearing on LBC's Breakfast Show on Friday (22 March), Sir Tim promised that the price of an English breakfast would remain unchanged, despite soaring food costs.

Tim Martin appeared on LBC to talk about prices.

The current cost of a traditional English breakfast - which consists of a fried egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, two hash browns and a slice of toast - is around £5.75.

Presenter Nick Ferrari asked: “What is the impact on the cost of your English breakfast? Are you going to be able to freeze the price of that?”

And Sir Tim promised that the price would remain unchanged.

"You've caught me out here, this is too early for me to argue. At the end of this year it will not go up this year due to this interview today," he told Nick.

"I'm being browbeaten by you!"

In other Wetherspoons news, the chain has decided to branch out and will start opening pubs in holiday parks.

Breakfast prices won't change.
Getty stock image

Haven runs 38 holiday parks across the UK and Wetherspoons have signed an 'exclusive agreement' with them to open pubs there.

The first to launch a Wetherspoons is Primrose Valley in Yorkshire - and it's the first holiday park ever to get one.

Haven recently shared the happy news that the pub had opened, explaining it will seat around 250 guests.

"The Five Stones opened at our largest Yorkshire park in March 2024, and you can expect all the value and range you’ve come to expect of the iconic British pub company, combined with Haven’s focus on family fun," the holiday park explained.

"With seating for over 250 guests, Primrose Valley’s Wetherspoon will be a welcome addition to the park’s Lakehouse venue, with a Slim Chickens, Papa Johns and Burger King also available on park.

"This latest brand partnership makes J D Wetherspoon the 7th brilliant food and drink brand to partner with Haven.

"There's so much we can't wait to share with you about Haven's first-ever Wetherspoon pub, including the fantastic menu and offers you can expect when you visit."

Featured Image Credit: LBC/JD Wetherspoons

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