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'Time Traveller From 2714' Tells World To Prepare For Three Major Dates In 2022

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

'Time Traveller From 2714' Tells World To Prepare For Three Major Dates In 2022

A ‘time traveller’ who says they’re from the year 2714 has told the world to prepare itself for three major events coming up in 2022 – including a warning about everyone’s favourite topic: Covid. 


Of course, many people purporting to be time travellers rarely have any straightforward, breezy premonitions for our future; they usually tend to favour the grandeur of the doom and gloom, whether we like it or not. 

They could tell us that your roast potato game will peak sometime around March, when you serve up the fluffiest, crispiest spuds you’ve ever made, or that at the end of October you’ll be treating yourself to a new washing machine. 

But arguably there’s not much TikTok content to be made from that, so instead we’re getting predictions about human-chimp babies and new Covid strains. Yay! 

Self-proclaimed time traveller Aery Yormany (@aesthetictimewarper) shared a new video to get us all ready for 2022, writing: “There is a lot you need to know.” 

In the clip, the TikToker says: "I have been thought of as a fake time traveller for too long, so remember these three major dates in early 2022.” 

They proceed to list three predictions for the coming year, including the discovery of a sea creature that’s even larger than a blue whale. 

They explain: "March 11 - the first human has a child with a chimpanzee, it can talk and has mixed features. 

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

"April 19 - a new Covid strain 'omega' emerges, five times worse than all other versions. 

"September 17 - the largest creature is discovered in the ocean, called the Cerine Croin, over four times the size of the blue whale." 

I’m not entirely sure September counts as ‘early 2022’, but we’ll just ignore that. 

As for the predictions themselves, it seems not everyone was entirely convinced, commenting to say they found the video ‘just really funny’. 

Others tried to add their own into the mix, with one joking: “I’m a time traveler and I predict that in February there will only be 28 days.” 

Another said: “I’m a time traveler too. On January 1st 2022 it will be the first day of that particular year. It’s true guys I’m 61 I’ve seen it happen before.” 

A third added: “I’m from the future also here’s my prediction... New Batman movie will be released March 4th 2022." 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: News, TikTok

Jess Hardiman
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