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'Time Traveller' Claims Terrifying Alien Discovery Will Be Made In August

Anish Vij

| Last updated 

'Time Traveller' Claims Terrifying Alien Discovery Will Be Made In August

A self-proclaimed 'time traveller' on TikTok has warned us that the human race will make its first discovery of alien life in August 2022. Watch their bold predictions below:


The TikToker, who prefers to remain anonymous, claims to be 'from the future' and has kindly shared a list of important dates with us for this year.

The TikTok video - uploaded by @pasttimetravel - has gone viral and is captioned: "Remember these dates..."

In the clip, they wrote: "I have been thought of as a fake time traveller but I can prove that I'm not.

"Remember these three dates and I can prove that I'm real..."

They continued: "March 15, 2022, a volcano erupts and creates an ash cloud around half the world.

"June 28, 2022, a plane goes missing for a month and returns but everyone on the plane says it was only three hours.

"August 2, 2022, we make contact with an underground civilisation."

Credit: TikTok/pasttimetravel
Credit: TikTok/pasttimetravel

Whatever way you look at it, the clip, uploaded on 27 December, racked up 3.3 million views and 249,400 likes.

It caused huge debate in the comments section.

One user sarcastically wrote: "Okay... limme just (write notes emoji)."

A second slammed: "Your last 10 prediction never happened!!

"Why should I believe you this time????"

Another added: "If this happens I never blame you because this is a warning not a threat."

Someone who commented on New Year's Eve wrote: "Later at midnight everyone will fire fireworks."

To which the 'time traveller' replied: "Facts."

Perhaps they do know what they're talking about.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

Another self-proclaimed time traveller Aery Yormany (@aesthetictimewarper) also recently shared a new video to get us all ready for 2022, writing: “There is a lot you need to know.” 

In the clip, the TikToker says: "I have been thought of as a fake time traveller for too long, so remember these three major dates in early 2022.” 

They proceed to list three predictions for the coming year, including the discovery of a sea creature that’s even larger than a blue whale. 

They explain: "March 11 - the first human has a child with a chimpanzee, it can talk and has mixed features. 

"April 19 - a new Covid strain 'omega' emerges, five times worse than all other versions. 

"September 17 - the largest creature is discovered in the ocean, called the Cerine Croin, over four times the size of the blue whale."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: TikTok, Aliens, Viral

Anish Vij
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