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Topless Tommy Fury swings punches at brother Roman at 4am on night out

Topless Tommy Fury swings punches at brother Roman at 4am on night out

Tommy Fury: The boxer was said to be on a night out in Manchester

Tommy Fury had a bit of a scrap with his older brother on a night out in Manchester. Watch below as the the boxer swings punches at Roman:

The topless Love Island star was reportedly seen 'shouting' at his brother on a night out in Manchester.

The brawl took place at 4am as one witness, who was on holiday at the time, told The Sun.

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The source said: "We were going on holiday and our friend was picking us up at around 4am.

"After we put our bags in the boot we were about to drive off and then we saw Tommy topless.

"He was shouting at his brother and that's what made us notice him."

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However, an insider close to Fury said the pair were 'just messing around'.

"He's close to his brother and Tommy can fight - if he meant it, you'd see it in the video," they added.

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Fury's popularity in the YouTuber boxing scene seems to be on the rise after he pulled out of the Jake Paul fight earlier this year.

It now seems that KSI wants a 'piece' of him.

After beating rapper Swarmz and professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda, the YouTuber named a number of people he'd like to battle it out with in the future.

"Slim [Albaher] looks good, I want a piece of that," he said. "Austin [McBroom] vs AnEson Gib, I want the winner of that.

"Andrew Tate, I want a piece of that. Tommy Fury, I want a piece of that. I’m warmed up and I’m excited. Nothing can harm me."

Fury responded on Twitter: "You know where to find me @KSI."

However, social media couldn't take Tommy's claim seriously.

"Liam Neeson would struggle to find you when it comes to arranging a boxing match Tommy," one user joked.

"You'd probably stub your toe the night before the fight," said another, while a third quipped: "You already thinking of your excuse to pull out of the fight?"

A fourth added: "Not really got a leg to stand on here have you Tommy? Bottled the past two offers from Jake Paul."

When KSI was asked about why he didn't name Jake, he told DAZN: "There's so many more and that's why I was calling out everyone, bro.

"There's so many people I have to go through before I get to Jake. Jake is definitely the main goal, but soon come. Soon come."

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