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British danger tourist 'illegally crossed borders' to see girlfriend and got dumped

British danger tourist 'illegally crossed borders' to see girlfriend and got dumped

He broke the law to see his girlfriend, only to discover he'd been dumped

A 'danger tourist' said he illegally crossed multiple borders to visit his girlfriend, only to be told on the way that he'd been dumped.

You might have heard of Miles Routledge, he's the guy who went to Afghanistan on holiday and ended up getting caught up in the Taliban's takeover of the country.

Deciding to go for a more interesting holiday destination than usual, he plumped for Afghanistan, but his holiday ended with him being stashed in a UN safehouse and ultimately having to be evacuated from Kabul airport.

'Danger tourist' Miles Routledge revealed he'd been dumped while illegally crossing borders to see his girlfriend.

The former student admitted that after his time in Afghanistan he then wanted to take a trip to Ukraine after Russia invaded it so he could 'see the war'.

And earlier this year, he ended up getting stranded in Pakistan after running out of money, only to end up back in Afghanistan having tea with the Taliban.

He managed to get out of that situation with a bit of food poisoning and describes himself as a 'Catholic adventurer' who has gained a reputation for heading to dangerous parts of the world.

However, Miles recently shared that he'd got some bad news while on his latest trip, explaining that he'd been dumped while 'crossing multiple borders illegally' to meet his girlfriend.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "My gf broke up with me, I need a few days guys.

The poor fella has also fractured his ankle, apparently.

"The worst thing was this 10 day trip was me crossing multiple Borders illegally to see her so she doesn’t have to come and see me. I fractured my ankle doing so. It’s going to be a long night guys. I can’t believe it was over a phone call too."

Although he said he needed a few days, by the next day he was back on social media and claiming to be 'no longer upset', even if he was 'annoyed'.

He's since said his plan to get over being dumped is to 'get huge in the gym', while he's also planning on taking a trip to the 'world's most dangerous island'.

Relationships and travel can be quite a tricky business, especially when people break up right around the time they're meant to be jetting off together.

The tourist met the Taliban on one of his previous journeys.

One guy was left 'totally in bits' after his fiancée left him at Heathrow Airport, taking the luggage and £5,000 in cash while leaving behind the man she'd got engaged to just the day before.

He'd popped off to the toilet and when he returned discovered that he'd been ditched at the airport ahead of their flight to Rome, where they'd planned to get married.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Real_Lord_Miles

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