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Travel company offering round-the-world plane tickets for £999

Travel company offering round-the-world plane tickets for £999

The ticket covers Australia, South East Asia and the USA

For those looking to escape the UK, a travel company has come up with the perfect solution and it will cost you less than £1,000.

Trailfinders has released a ticket for round-the-world airfare taking in the USA, Australia and South East Asia for only £999 - leaving you £1 change from £1,000 for a ticket that will cover three amazing must see places across the globe.

A travel company is now offering travellers the chance to fly around the world for £999.

Setting off from the 15 November, not only does the offer include a route to satisfy your wanderlust that sees you flying into San Francisco and out of Los Angeles, but it offers you plenty of time to soak up the laidback vibes of California, before setting off for Australia.

After seeing the sights in Oz, the next stop is Asia, flying into Kuala Lumpur and out of Singapore.

Travel hungry backpackers will need to be quick though, as sales of the tickets will stop selling on the 5 September. To book, eager travellers will need to call Trailfinders to snap up their ticket.

Before booking, travellers should be aware the package prices per person are based on twin share, and are subject to availability.

You can find out more here.

The ticket includes four flights to take you from the UK to the USA, to Australia, to Asia and home again.

The amazing value ticket might have you packing your backpack in a rush, in your bid to jet off and see the world.

However, whilst getting to leave the country and travel is more than appealing, it's also important to still remember the important things. You know like your passport, purse and sunscreen.

Forgetting to wear sunscreen is a mistake most of us have made and learned a lesson from, including tourist Sirin Murad who was left with a 'plastic' forehead after falling asleep on a beach for just 30 minutes.

It's an easy mistake to make, but this particular case ended with nasty peeling... that all could have been avoided with a little sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a MUST have for travelling around the globe.

The young beautician was enjoying her holiday in Bulgaria in June when a visit to Sunny Beach went awry. After the 25-year-old drifted off by a pool in the 21ºC weather without putting sunscreen on, she woke up half an hour later with severe sunburn.

The sunburn was so bad that when she furrowed her eyebrows it looked like plastic. Not only did Sirin have to deal with her 'plastic' forehead affecting her holiday, but it also peeled leaving her skin looking pink and raw.

Ouch! Sunscreen is the first to go in the suitcase before jetting off to see the world.

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