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Former Britain's Got Talent Contestant Rushed To Hospital After Stunt Goes Wrong

Former Britain's Got Talent Contestant Rushed To Hospital After Stunt Goes Wrong

Jonathan Goodwin was rehearsing for an appearance on America's Got Talent: Extreme

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A former Britain's Got Talent contestant had to be rushed to hospital after a stunt went wrong on stage in the US.

Jonathan Goodwin was going through a rehearsal for an appearance on America's Got Talent: Extreme yesterday (14 October) when he suffered an accident.

A spokesperson for the show said he was immediately taken to hospital where he is currently receiving medial attention.

They said: "During a rehearsal last evening for America's Got Talent: Extreme, an accident occurred in which escape artist Jonathan Goodwin was injured while performing his act.

"He was responsive and was immediately taken to the hospital, where he is continuing to receive medical care. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family as we await further updates on his condition."

Jonathan Goodwin onstage in 2019.

According to reports, the stunt involved Goodwin being suspended 70 feet in the air while wearing a straitjacket.

The idea was for him to unchain himself from the restraint before two cars on either side of him came loose and crushed him.

TMZ reported that he became sandwiched between the cars, with the vehicles exploding and Goodwin falling to the floor.

Goodwin appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2019, which saw him reach the finals, and America's Got Talent last year, where he became a semi-finalist.

He was due to take part in the Extreme spin-off, with Simon Cowell, WWE's Nikki Bella, professional motocross and rally car driver Travis Pastrana judging. It is also hosted by Terry Crews.

LADbible has reached out to Goodwin's representatives for a comment.

Last year, Britain's Got Talent viewers witnessed a very close shave for magician Kevin Quantum when his fire stunt went wrong during a show.

The fearless contestant attempted to walk through a huge harmonic pendulum with fiery cannonballs swinging over his head, meaning he couldn't see where the weights were flying.


Audience members were visibly scared for him as they watched the death-defying stunt, with the judges stunned by the scientist's incredible performance.

Explaining the trick, Kevin said: "These cannonballs will careen across the stage, taking out literally everything in their path.

"When that happens, I will attempt to walk through them without being struck."

A worried-looking Simon said: "He's crazy," as the balls were set alight.

Performing the trick while blindfolded, the balls were released, but as pointed out by Ant and Dec, they didn't look quite in sync. Ant said from the sidelines: "That's not right, is it? Is that right?"

Kevin did make it safely through the cannonballs, but did confirm to the judges that the pendulum balls had in fact come slightly out of sync, which increased the likelihood of them hitting him and the tension in the room.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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