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Foxtel Is Getting Rid Of Channel [V] After 25 Years On TV

Foxtel Is Getting Rid Of Channel [V] After 25 Years On TV

The service is also ditching MAX and the Country Music Channel.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When your parents got Foxtel, it was always a win if they purchased the package that included all the music channels.

If you had some friends over after school or maybe a little gathering on the weekend, it was fun to chuck on the likes of Channel [V] and soak up the latest music videos and jam out to your favourite songs.


Sadly, Foxtel has now announced that Channel [V], MAX and CMC (Country Music Channel) will be dumped.

Foxtel's executive director of television, Brian Walsh, told The Music Network: "We are proud of the heritage of our owned and operated music channels and the success they have enjoyed entertaining Foxtel customers for the past 25 years.

"I want to acknowledge the management and music teams, past and present, who created Channel V, Max and CMC."

Two and a half decades on the air is a pretty decent stint for any channel, however saying goodbye won't be easy. People on social media have been guttered about the news.

One person on Twitter wrote: "I haven't watched Channel [V] in years but this still sucks. The glory days of Jabba, Andrew G, Yumi Stynes etc and exclusive sets and interviews with At The Drive-In, The Used, etc and Band in a Bubble were all time."

Another added: "Channel [V] and Music Max literally defined my adolescent experience with music. Albeit they're not what they used to be, but I've been listening to MAX whilst working from home during the pandemic and it made me so nostalgic.

In their place, Foxtel has revealed it will focus on MTV Hits, MTV Club, MTV Classic, CMT (Country Music Television) and a new channel for kids, which will be called Nick Music.


The change will happen on July 1, so set your calendars. It would be nice if you took some time to remember the good ole days of Channel [V], MAX and CMC.

It launched the careers of presenters like of Osher Günsberg (who was known as Andrew G back in the day), James Matheson, Yumi Stynes, Danny Clayton, and Jabba.

Channel [V] delighted us all with epic music marathons that would feature all your favourite musicians. They had countdowns, extended interviews, festival shows and much more.

Mumbrella reports Foxtel has laid off up to 70 staff during the coronavirus pandemic for a variety of reasons.

Featured Image Credit: Foxtel

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