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Man Discovers Secret Behind Tom Cruise's Smile

Man Discovers Secret Behind Tom Cruise's Smile

The actor chipped his tooth when he was young

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Tom Cruise is one of the most handsome men on God's green Earth. But over the years, people have spotted something interesting about his Hollywood smile - namely, that his nose lines up perfectly with his right front tooth.

Fans of the actor have since come to know it affectionately as his 'middle tooth'.

Sharing a short video showing off the 58-year-old's gnashers, TikTok user Topher Welsh said: "Things you #cantunsee with #tomcruise."

Commenting on the post, one fan joked: "Every time Tom Cruise is in a movie I will whisper to my friend 'middle tooth'."

Another said: "NOW I CAN'T UNSEE IT."

While a dental specialist offered their expertise, saying: "It's called a 'maxillary midline discrepancy'. Every orthodontist has shown this to a patient. I promise."

According to reports, Cruise was hit in the face by a hockey puck when he was a kid, chipping his front tooth.

And in one of his earliest roles, in the film The Outsiders, he reportedly removed the cap he had covering it because he thought it worked better for the character.

According reports, it's thought he later had a crown fitted before getting braces, which he was photographed wearing in the early 2000s.


Now, while you might not have Tom Cruise's smile, or talent, or money, a dentist recently shared one tip that could help you get whiter teeth, or at least prevent them from going yellow.

Dr Tristan Peh says that while you may think it's best to scrub and scrub in order to get the best sheen on your gnashers, the opposite is true.

In a recent video to his TikTok account, he explains that brushing too hard can cause the enamel to wear away, which in turn causes the natural yellow beneath to show through.

He says: "Teeth are naturally yellow due to the second layer, Dentine.

"Many people think brushing their teeth harder will make them whiter.

"Brushing too hard wears away the white teeth enamel. When the enamel wears away, the teeth become more yellow and can also become more sensitive.

"So brush gently and use a soft brush."

Responding to a couple of followers, who asked how they should go about making their teeth whiter, Dr Peh said: "Yellow is normal. If you want whiter, you can do whitening.

"Over the counter products with dentist, chair side teeth whitening, or whitening trays."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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