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Nadine Coyle's Accent Leaves Some Viewers Asking For Subtitles

Nadine Coyle's Accent Leaves Some Viewers Asking For Subtitles

There's literally no chance on the planet that you could've avoided this news, but just in case you weren't aware - I'm A Celeb started last night.

Along with all the usual goings on, one thing has really got viewers stumped - Nadine Coyle's accent. As a disclaimer, I'm a big fan of Nads - but you have to admit, her thick Northern Irish tones can be a bit difficult to decipher.


Some have even asked producers to add subtitles to the reality TV show, which is a bit far in my opinion, and also takes away a bit of the fun.

Here's an example:

As well as a personal favourite:


Nadine, who comes from Derry, was with ex-American football star Jason Bell for 11 years, before they reportedly broke up back in September.

Now it seems that it's turning in to a bit of a struggle for fans to follow her on the show.

People took to Twitter in a bid to convince TV bosses that they need a bit of assistance.

But before anyone starts to take it too seriously, there's a lot of love out there for Nadine already, with people saying how endearing her accent is.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Watching I'm A Celeb and Nadine Coyle's accent is going to be the highlight of this season I already know it."

Another posted: "Honestly girl, no need to change your accent, could listen to your voice for days."

While another said: "Nadine Coyle: if you aren't trying to repeat everything she says in the same accent, are you even watching I'm A Celeb?"

The 34-year-old, formerly of Girls Aloud fame, has already become close with Caitlyn Jenner, who encouraged her during last night's terrifying 'walk the plank' task.

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