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Riz Ahmed Marks 10-Year Anniversary Of Four Lions By Asking Fans To Share Their Favourite Lines

Riz Ahmed Marks 10-Year Anniversary Of Four Lions By Asking Fans To Share Their Favourite Lines

It's 10 years since we watched on as Omar, Waj, Barry and Faisal came up with a fool-proof terrorist plot in the 2010 satire Four Lions. 10 years!

For those of you who don't know, the film follows the four men from Sheffield - later joined by a reluctant Hassan - who hatch an ill-fated plot to become suicide bombers, culminating in a stand-off in a kebab shop during the London Marathon.


To mark the milestone, the film's star Riz Ahmed (Omar), took to social media and shared some snaps from filming.

Posting to his Instagram account, the 37-year-old asked fans to pick out some of their favourite lines from the movie.

He wrote: "Ten year anniversary of Four Lions today... Time flies. Post your favourite line from the film below, and tag the person you saw it with.

"Shout out to Chris Morris, Warp Films, my Brother Lions, and everyone who supported and made this small indie film a word of mouth success. Thank you for the love."


And fans didn't waste any time in sharing the quotes that have stayed with them.

One follower wrote: "Can I have 12 bottles of bleach, please?"

A second put: "I'm not confused brother! I just took picture of my face, and it's deffo not my confused face."

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A third commented: "Because... she's got a beard."

A fourth shared: "Is a Wookie a Bear, Control?"

Four Lions is 10 years old. Credit: Film4
Four Lions is 10 years old. Credit: Film4

While another added: "It's my pray bear, it does me prayers."

But if there's one quote that sticks out for most fans, it had to be: "Rubber dinghy rapids, brooo."

Co-star Novak Kayvan (Waj) also shared a throwback snap of him in the film.

He wrote: "CONFUSED FACE CHALLENGE - 10 years ago today a film called Four Lions was released in UK cinemas. If you haven't seen it yet check it out."

Some of the cast recently took part in a Four Lions watch party, with Riz, Novak and Nigel Lindsay (Barry) discussing the film and its iconic lines.

During the session, Riz pointed out that he was surprised by how popular one particular line became, saying: "Did you know that 'rubber dinghy rapids' would become a catchphrase, because I had no idea?

"But Chris [Morris, director] knew up front."

Adding: "You [Nigel] did probably have the best made-up line in the film, which was, 'F**k Mini Babybel!'"

Featured Image Credit: Film4 Productions

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