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Twitch streamer dislocates knee while playing Call of Duty

Twitch streamer dislocates knee while playing Call of Duty

That looks painful

A Twitch streamer became so overexcited during a recent game of Call of Duty, he managed to dislocate his knee.

You can watch the accident below, but be warned - there's a lot of shouting:

Any gamer will know the frustration of going online multiplayer, especially when the person on the other end of the controller doesn't do what you want them to.

It's led to all kinds of issues in the past, from broken controllers to smashed consoles - you've all heard of FIFA rage, right?

In some extreme cases, the player can suffer from injuries, which is exactly what happened to TheDannyHammerTTV, who pitches himself as the 'most hilarious (and drunk) streamer on Twitch'.

However, his laughs soon turned into screams of pain after he became a little bit too hyped in the middle of a match.

In the now viral footage, shared by fellow gamer and Twitch streamer Jake Lucky, Danny can be seen shouting at his Call of Duty teammate: "Get him Steve, he's the last one, kill him!"

As he spurs Steve on, the streamer gets out of his chair and jumps up and down in excitement.

TheDannyHammerTTV got a little bit too overexcited.

But when the attack doesn't go to plan, Danny grows even more animated - much to his own detriment. Just seconds later, he drops his controller and falls to the ground.

Between a barrage of expletives, the gamer tells his teammate: "I've broken my f***ing leg."

Hilariously, after writhing around in pain for a minute, he tells the live stream: "I've got to stop the stream, I'm so sorry."

How polite.

After posting the clip alongside the caption: "Streamer dislocates his knee while playing Call of Duty," Jake shared an update on Danny's condition.

Alongside a photo of the gamer with a smile on his face and a knee support brace, he wrote: "I am happy to report that @dannywoz is going to have a full recovery, but buckled under the pressure this time."

Jake went on to say it would 'make his day' if Twitch streamers tuned into his channel here.

The original clip has garnered a whopping 4.5 million views on Twitter, alongside hundreds of comments from the online community.

"I am laughing my ass off over here," wrote one. "But I do want to say I’ve dislocated both my knee caps twice and it is one of the most painful things I ever experienced in my life.

"I look back at it now and laugh, but back then it was scary as hell and painful!"

The gamer is set to make a full recovery.

Another pointed out: "This def looks like Navy military barracks. Probably overseas. Imagine having to explain this to your Petty Officer."

Jake replied to confirm Danny is, in fact, in the Navy - and it's no surprise 'his boys have not given him an easy time'.

Other than a spot of embarrassment, luckily the poor guy will be making a full recovery - here's hoping he's learned his lesson.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/TheDannyHammer

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