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Influencer sparks debate by defending her boyfriend who told her 'she's not that pretty'

Influencer sparks debate by defending her boyfriend who told her 'she's not that pretty'

She sent the internet into a complete frenzy

Now, I'm sure we've all said things we don't really mean during lover's quarrels but one couple have really taken it to the next level.

A popular influencer and OnlyFans star has sparked quite a heated debate across social media after publicly thanking her boyfriend for giving his 'honest opinion' about her appearance.

The woman, Aella, defended her partner to many people online who called out his 'red flag' behaviour after he said 'she's not that pretty' during a tiff.

OnlyFans star, Aella, has triggered a fiery debate online after opening up about her relationship dynamic.

The whole ordeal first began after another content creator tweeted: "Being a girl’s boyfriend is all about committing to the bit that she is a 10/10 and the most beautiful woman you have ever seen."

Aella, who is polyamorous, then responded: "One of my partners once was like 'you're not that pretty' during a tender moment. I rolled over in the fetal position and groaned for like an hour."

And it didn't stop there.

The card Aella received from her partner after he told her she's 'not that pretty'.

Aella continued to explain: "He went and made me an I'm sorry card out of construction paper and markers and stickers."

Posted alongside Aella's tweet were two photos of the 'I'm sorry card' which read: "I'm sorry I told you you’re not that pretty during a tender moment and that I made you doubt that I ever desired you.

"Before forsaking my cultural wisdom, I should have considered how it would feel and been ready with [hearts]."

The tweet went viral after clocking up more than 17.2 million views at the time of writing triggering a whole avalanche of responses from people eager to weigh in on the incident.

One Twitter user hit out: "Red flag girl. Come on."

A second claimed: "The card is even worse because he didn't take it back... Come on, Aella is very pretty, wtf dude."

Aella then directly responded: "The internet generally sees me in carefully crafted photos and lighting. I personally genuinely don't think I'm that pretty irl."

The viral tweet sent the internet into a complete frenzy.

"Why wouldn't he take it back tho? Wtf," asked another to which Aella replied: "Because he wouldn't lie to me?"

A fourth penned: "You *are* pretty. Hope you dumped him."

"We're still dating! He's wonderful," the influencer confirmed.

Aella then offered a series of follow-up context in the Twitter thread with one tweet reading: "To be fair he said it in response to me mourning that ppl are not incentivized to be honest about each other's physical appearances, he was trying to be helpful by giving me his honest opinion since I wanted ppl to be more honest."

Another follow-up added: "He's one of the kindest, most caring men I've dated! He was trying to be honest with me when he thought I really wanted that, he was genuinely trying to help me. I appreciate that and I find the entire event pretty endearing."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: X/@Aella_Girl

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