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'UFO' spotted on film as man tests out new camera

Tom Wood

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'UFO' spotted on film as man tests out new camera

A person who set their camera up to capture the night sky – and a couple of aeroplanes – managed to capture what they believe is a pair of alien spacecrafts as well. Have a look at their footage and see what you reckon to it all:


Of course, this isn’t likely to convince you fully one way or the other whether there are actually alien crafts orbiting our planet and keeping tabs on us, but you have to admit it does definitely look a bit strange.

It would be arrogant to assume that in a universe that is quite frankly bigger than we can possibly comprehend that we are the only living creatures out here.


Whether or not they’re hanging around in the path of passenger jets is another thing altogether, however.

Still, it’s nice to think that one day the mysteries of alien life might be revealed to us, eh?

Anyway, this particular video purporting to show a UFO – or two - within the boundaries of our planet’s atmosphere was captured and shared on Reddit by user GaspGage.

They claimed that they were just trying to test out their new camera’s settings by filming a couple of planes in the sky, using a high resolution and a decent frame rate.

Spot it yet? Credit: Reddit/Gasp Gage
Spot it yet? Credit: Reddit/Gasp Gage

Instead, once the plane had passed over, a couple of things flit across the screen that has been slowed down and zoomed in on.

Is it just a bird flying really high? Is it a bug that is really close and going really fast?

Who knows, but it might still be a UFO, right?


Explaining further, they wrote: “I was testing new camera settings by recording a plane and afterwards I see these 2 objects.

“They are very different, one is flying at a constant speed on a straight trajectory and the second one makes more turns.

“Exposure and contrast was slightly adjusted for visibility.

“Also, the reason I was testing camera was to try to catch the unusual activity that has been seen recently around Charlotte, NC.


“Much more frequent the last 2 months.”

So, what do we reckon?

The person is obviously a paid-up believer if they are setting cameras up to catch this sort of thing.

Not everyone is so convinced, though.


One doubter said: “It does look like a high flying bird.”

While another said: “A close by fly or piece of dust.”

Admittedly, it's hard to grasp in just a picture. Credit: Reddit/GaspGage
Admittedly, it's hard to grasp in just a picture. Credit: Reddit/GaspGage

However, some staunch believers are convinced.


Another said: “Congrats, UAP spotted.”

For the uninitiated, UAP means ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’ and it’s pretty much exactly the same as a UFO, it just sounds more official.

As ever, you’ll have to be the judge.

There’s one thing The X-Files got right though, one way or the other – the truth is out there.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/GaspGage

Topics: Space, Aliens, UFO, Technology, Weird, US News

Tom Wood
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