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'Best ever UFO footage' caught on camera had it's authenticity '100%' confirmed

'Best ever UFO footage' caught on camera had it's authenticity '100%' confirmed

Could this be the closest we've come to proving the existence of aliens?

Aliens and UFOs are surely one of the longest running fascinations of modern times.

Ever since reports of an alien spaceship crashing at Roswell way back in the 1940s hit the press; mankind has been hooked on UFO hysteria.

We all know someone who's spotted a rogue birthday balloon or glow lantern in the sky and whipped their phone camera out to declare that an alien invasion is imminent - but every now and again footage emerges and rattles even the biggest alien skeptics.

One person who managed to capture pretty eerie footage is pilot Jorge A. Arteaga, whose video recorded during a flight has been called the 'best UFO footage ever' - and has also been found to be 100 per cent authentic.

Check out the footage for yourself:

Arteaga was travelling through the skies above Antioquia, Colombia, when he spotted a strange object hurtling through the sky.

Captured in brought daylight, the mysterious, square-like object shoots out of the clouds and past Arteaga's cockpit in a matter of seconds.

He was able to quickly grab his camera and record the object - which appeared to be light in colour and pointed at one end - as it flew towards him before quickly speeding off.

Arteaga would later claim that he and his co-pilot had spotted the item floating in the air between the cities of Medellín and Santa Fe, before it drastically picked up speed and beelined towards them.

The pair had originally wanted to follow the UFO, but later abandoned the search after it suddenly began to hurtle towards them.

A birthday balloon? A rogue Wii Fit board? Or aliens? (X/Jorge Arteaga)
A birthday balloon? A rogue Wii Fit board? Or aliens? (X/Jorge Arteaga)

Now I know what you're thinking, surely it's just another runaway balloon or random piece of debris?

Not according to Arteaga, who claimed that it would have been too cold or turbulent for a balloon to survive, adding that they were flying 12,500 feet in the air at the time.

And it seems that Arteaga has the backing of controversial ufologist Jaime Maussan, who later authenticated.

As for what happens during a 'UFO authentication' process we're not sure, but the pair would later sit down for an interview about the video, which Maussan later shared on his social media account.

"We are facing one of the greatest UAP (UFO) evidences of all time; captured by the Captain Pilot Aviator @JorgeArteagaG," he wrote on X, alongside a clip from their chat.

UFO or flying supermarket carrier bag? (X/Jorge Arteaga)
UFO or flying supermarket carrier bag? (X/Jorge Arteaga)

Maussan went on to add that Arteaga had told him the object moved with 'something totally unknown without means of propulsion with movements that he considers intelligent.'

He also added that he'd cross-referenced the footage with Pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves, who had agreed the clip showed a UFO, also known as a UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena).

Whether or not you believe the clip is a UFO or a floating piece of rubbish depends on what your stance on aliens is.

Perhaps it's one to bookmark and ask aliens about when they finally decide to invade us.

Featured Image Credit: X/Jorge Arteaga

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