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Man Brands Tesco 'Sexist' After He's Not Allowed In Shirtless

Man Brands Tesco 'Sexist' After He's Not Allowed In Shirtless

A man has accused Britain's biggest supermarket of sexism after he was refused entry because he wasn't wearing a t-shirt - despite being with his bikini-clad wife.

Liam Friday claims he was forced to wait outside a Tesco Express store on Sunday afternoon, when the temperature was a balmy 30°C.


He had taken his t-shirt off to cool down in the warm weather, while wife Michelle was dressed in her bikini top.

However, only Michelle was allowed into the small shop near their home in Lordswood, Kent - a move that Liam believes is 'sexist'.

Liam, 48, said: "It was 30 degrees on a scorching hot day, it was ridiculous.

"It's a supermarket, not a restaurant or a bar - that I would completely understand.

"My wife literally had a small bikini top on, it's 2019 not 1960."

Liam and wife Michelle. Credit: SWNS/KMG
Liam and wife Michelle. Credit: SWNS/KMG

The couple had just finished a family barbecue on the positively tropical Bank Holiday Sunday when they decided to pop to their local Tesco.

But Liam wasn't allowed in, despite being able to go into the same shop shirtless earlier that day.

In the end, Liam and Michelle had to trudge further down the road to the nearby Premier shop.

Liam is now calling on the supermarket giant to change its policy, so that topless men can shop freely in the aisles.

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He continued: "I went in there earlier the same day without a shirt on and it was no problem.

"But when the security guard was there I wasn't allowed in.

"I don't understand, it doesn't offend anyone.

"He was quite happy to let her [Michelle] in. It's sexist.

"She went inside but I thought I'm not going to spend my money in here if they aren't letting me in.

Tesco sign. Credit: PA
Tesco sign. Credit: PA

"We went to the Premier down the road and it was no problem.

"Then another man without a shirt on tried to get in and he wasn't allowed either.

"The thing for me is we're supposed to have equal rights, but it feels like men are being treated worse than women here."

Tesco has been approached for a comment.

Locals were less than sympathetic towards Liam's complaint, blasting him on a forum for residents.

One person joked: "I have started a GoFundMe page to get the man a t-shirt.

"Please give generously, he looks like a Ralph Lauren kind of guy."

Another said: "Put a shirt on, you are not Poldark."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS/KMG

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