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Driver Caught Speeding Because He Didn't Want His McDonald's To Get Cold

Driver Caught Speeding Because He Didn't Want His McDonald's To Get Cold

The Police said the driver definitely wasn't 'loving it' after he was caught

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

One man has found out the hard way that there are some things you just shouldn't do for a cheeky Maccies - and apparently driving at record speeds past a bunch of police officers is probably one of them.

The hasty driver was spotted by undercover police speeding through Sheffield, but it turned out he was a quick thinker as well as being keen on the accelerator - he had the perfect excuse, honest he did.

Well, not quite, it was pretty poor but probably one that many can sympathise with - he had just bought a meal from McDonald's and was trying to get home before it got cold.

According to police, the reckless driver went around an unmarked vehicle as he raced across the city.

And when you thought things couldn't get worse for him, they did - after checking his details, police found that he wasn't insured and so they confiscated his Volkswagen Golf.

After checking the driver's details police found he wasn't insured.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "It's been a positive night shift on the beat.

"This vehicles driver decided to overtake our officers in an unmarked vehicle at excessive speeds, putting everyone's life at risk.

"All because he didn't want his McDonald's to go cold.

"It just so happened this vehicle wasn't insured either."

And in a salty response, police added: "It's safe to say the driver wasn't 'lovin' it'.

"Our version of a takeaway was arranged and the driver waved goodbye to his vehicle."


But he wasn't the only one to be caught out by the police in recent weeks - a hapless thief who tried to snatch a charity box from a bus station was stopped in his tracks by a passer-by who tripped him up as he was trying to make his getaway.

Joshua Starkey, 23, appeared before Humber Magistrates' Court earlier this month and was put behind bars for 16 weeks following the attempted theft.

After ripping the container from the counter he ran out of the shop and down the concourse, only for a teenage onlooker to stick out a leg and send the thief crashing to the floor.

Though he managed to make it back to his feet, he fled the seen empty handed, only to be caught later.

PC Paul Hobman from BTP, said: "A huge congratulations are in order for the courageous member of the public who quite literally stepped in to prevent Starkey from stealing money which was intended for a good cause.

"Starkey's actions in attempting to steal a charity collection box were disgraceful and I am pleased the judge imposed a prison sentence. I hope that his days of offending are behind him."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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