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Martin Lewis reveals how to get free fries at McDonald's

Martin Lewis reveals how to get free fries at McDonald's

Food tastes better when it's free and here's how to get yourself some

Martin Lewis has shared how to get yourself some free fries at McDonald’s.

With most of us feeling the pinch amid the cost of living crisis, it’s always handy to be aware of any easy ways to save a few pennies.

And there are few people on this planet better equipped to tell you how to save a quid or two than the Money Saving Expert himself.

Speaking on his Radio 5 Live Show, Lewis explained how to nab yourself some free fries from McDonald’s.

Now, to take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to download the app for the fast food chain, if you don’t already have them.

He explained: “Let’s start with free chips or, more technically, free French fries. You can get totally free fries which normally cost you a couple of quid.

“I know it’s not the biggest in the world but free things just make you a little bit happier.” They sure do, my friend.

“McDonald’s has free fries on its App,” he went on. “These are normally £1.59, it’s free McDonald’s medium fries.

Martin Lewis has revealed how to get some free fries at McDonald's.

“You need to get the app, opt into My McDonald’s rewards and then go to the free fries deal. Now this is free fries with another purchase. Technically you could just go and buy a 10p small sauce.”

Other cheap options include a 70p large sauce, 79p fruit bag, or why not turn your free snack into something a bit more substantial by picking up a £1.09 hamburger?

For the McDonald’s offer, you’ll need to sign up and claim it before 11.59pm on Sunday 22 October - so don’t hang around if you fancy a freebie.

Of course, this isn’t the only McDonald’s hack doing the rounds - earlier this year TikToker Ashley Osbourne, or @ozzy_on_a_mission, shared how to get more chicken McNuggets for your money.

In the McDonald's that Osbourne is ordering at, he points out that the large six chicken McNuggets meal costs £6.09.

The TikToker ditched the large meal for a Happy Meal.
@ozzy_on_a_mission/ TikTok

This includes, obviously, the six nuggets, large fries and a large drink.

But Osbourne says that if you end up buying two four-piece chicken McNuggets Happy Meal's, then you will end up with more food for less money.

With this, you get two drinks, two bags of fries and eight nuggets for £5.98 - and of course, don't forget the two toys.

Clever, eh? But be aware that McDonald’s prices do vary from store to store, so you might not get the exact deal Osbourne shared.

Featured Image Credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images/ Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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