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UK Company To Take Employees On All-Inclusive Holiday As Thanks For Working Pandemic

UK Company To Take Employees On All-Inclusive Holiday As Thanks For Working Pandemic

Staff at the Welsh firm will be enjoying a four-day trip later this year

A company is taking its workforce on holiday as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

Over 50 members of staff at Yolk Recruitment in Cardiff, Wales, are set to jet off to Spain for an all-inclusive stay in Tenerife in April.

According to reports, the lavish four-day trip is going to set the firm back a colossal £100,000.

However, bosses says it's just reward for its employees who have helped the company through one of its most difficult but also most profitable periods.

The company announced the trip in a post to LinkedIn.

It read: "Yolk Folk are off to Tenerife. That's everyone. Not just the top billers or those that played a part in our historic 2021 results, but EVERYONE.

"Our purpose is building a culture where everyone wins! Which means no one can be left behind on this all-inclusive company holiday.

"We might be one of the first Cardiff-based companies for such a company-wide (not just target hitters), all expenses paid employee holiday and that's only possible because we strive to be #Bright #Bold #Better in everything we do, internally and externally."

The company is going to Tenerife for a few days.

Speaking about the holiday, chief commercial officer Pavan Arora thanked staff for their hard work.

He said: "2020 was a really tough time on our whole industry - we went from the jobs market being put on hold to going into overdrive. 

"Our staff have been on a journey, from going to remote working to hybrid back to remote... so we just wanted to put our arms around everyone and say thank you for the last two years."

Adding: "It's employee care and we want to make sure everyone feels appreciated for the hard work they've done over the past two years."

The trip is to say thank you to staff for their hard work during the pandemic.

The group will be heading out on 1 April and will be staying in Costa Adeje during their stay.

Matthew Morgan joined Yolk at the start of this year and the 28-year-old said to the BBC: "I must admit I was a little surprised at first, thinking someone was pulling my leg having only been there a week - picking on the newbie."

Rebecca Bond has been with the firm for four years and said she was over the moon with the news.

The 26-year-old said that she was happy for the break "after what can only be described as an eventful year".

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